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Canada – Hypnotic Dirge Records
Czech Republic – Epidemie Records
Germany – Grau
Israel – Total Rust Music
Italy – Avantgarde Music
Poland – Dark Zone Productions
Russia – FONO
Spain – Indar Productions
UK – Aesthetic Death
USA – The End Records, Crucial Blast, Relapse, Red Stream

Information Resources

http://www.naglfar.ru – сайт о тяжёлой музыке.

Our promo partners

13.Brat (Slovenia)
Ablaze Magazine (Germany)
Abysszine (Czech)
ANTICHRIST ‘zine (Ukraine)
Archaic Mag (Belgium)
Aristocrazia (Italy)
Assault Rex (Russia)
Avenoctum (UK)
Atmosfear Magazine (Ukraine)
Atlantis Tales (Russia)
Blastbeat (Netherlands)
Blogger Schizo! (Turkey)
Brutalism (Netherlands)
Burning Black Webzine (Chile)
Chronicles Of Chaos (Africa)
Classic Rock (Russia)
Convivial Hermit (USA)
Dark City (Russia)
Dark Wave Radio (France)
Darkside (Russia)
Dead Void Dreams Webzine (Bulgaria)
Deaf Sparrow (USA)
Defecation On The Divine Radio (USA)
Diabolical Conquest Webzine (India)
Diztorted Dimension (Russia)
Doom Art (Russia)
Doom Metal Com ()
Doom Metal Front (Germany)
Doommantia ()
Doom-MetalBR.com (Brazil)
Doomsmoker (Poland)
Earthdog Promotions (USA)
Edge Dawson College Radio (Canada)
EG Pubbliche Relazioni (Italy)
Eternal Terror (Norway)
Evilized (Germany)
Extreem Metaal (Netherlands)
Extreminal Distro (Turkey)
Femforgacs webzine (Hungary)
Femme Metal Webzine (Germany)
Forgotten Path Magazine (Lithuania)
Forgotten Scroll (Greece)
Friedhof Webzine (Spain)
Froster (Ukraine)
Funeral Wedding ()
Hall Of Metal (Spain)
Hammerworld Magazine (Hungary)
Hardrocker (Poland)
HardSounds.IT (Italy)
Headbang (Italy)
Headbanger (Russia)
Heaven Is Not Too Far (Portugal)
Heavy Impact (Italy)
HeavyMusic.ru (Russia)
HNH radio (France)
Horrornews.net ()
Hymnes Funeraires (Romania)
Iced Tears (Italy)
Icon Music (Norway)
imm3moria (France)
Imperiumi (Finland)
In Rock (Russia)
Infektion Magazine (Portugal)
Innana Naked (Spain)
Invisible Oranges (USA)
Inwe(b)zine (France)
Iron-Age Radio (Belarus)
Kogaionon Magazine (Romania)
Kronosmortus (Hungary)
Legacy (Germany)
Lords of Metal (Netherlands)
Maelstrom (USA)
Doomsmoker” (Poland)
MassaBrutto Radio (Belarus)
Metal Daze (Argentina)
Metal Evolved (USA)
Metal Forge (Australia)
Metal Kings (Russia)
Metal Library (Russia)
Metal Maniac (Italy)
Metal Observer (Canada)
Metal Review (USA)
Metal Reviews (USA)
Metal Revolution Webzine (Denmark)
Metal Waves (Tunisia)
Metal.de (Germany)
Metal.tm (Germany)
Metal1 (Germany)
Metalcrypt zine (USA)
Metalfan webzine (Netherlands)
Metalfront.org (Belarus)
Metal-integral (France)
Metalitalia (Italy)
Metalizer (Russia)
Metalkrant (Netherlands)
Metallized.it (Italy)
Metalrus (Russia)
Metalstorm (Sweden)
Metal-usine (France)
Metalvox (Brazil)
Metalzone.com.ua (Ukraine)
Miasma (Finland)
Minacious webzine (Sweden)
Mortem Zine (Czech)
Mroczna Strefa (Poland)
Mtuk Metal Zine (UK)
My Global Mind (Australia)
Nocturn Metal Show (Romania)
Nocturne Magazine (Serbia)
Noize (Italy)
Obscura (Italy)
Pavillon (France)
Pest Webzine (Romania)
Pitchline Zine (Spain)
Pro-Rock magazine (Bulgaria)
Riddle Of Steel (Turkey)
Rock – Metal Bands webzine (Italy)
Rock Oracle (Russia)
Rock Prospect (Russia)
Rockcore (Russia)
Rockunderground-mag (Brazil)
Rolling Stone (Russia)
Scream Magazine (Norway)
Shapeless Zine (Italy)
Silas Likes Music / Obscene Magazine (USA)
Spawn Of Metal (USA)
Stereo Invaders (Italy)
Stereoinvaders (Italy)
Stonerrock.de (Germany)
Streetswebzine (Norway)
Temple Of Despair Radio (Germany)
Temple Of Doom Metal (Portugal)
Terrorizer (UK)
True Cult Heavy Metal (UK)
TSA Webzine (USA)
Vibrations Of Doom Magazine (USA)
Violent Solutions (France)
Voices from the Darkside (Germany)
VoltageMedia (Australia)
Yastaradio (Italy)
Zero Tolerance Magazine (USA)
Zwaremetalen (Netherlands)

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