New Arrivals - 03.02.2019

by Solitude Productions


The first full-length album of the Italian group Ars Onirica represents a junction between melodic doom death metal and dark metal. This work inherits the demo that was released many years ago and has received high evaluation from the audience. The album contains a carefully crafted combination of dense reefs and atmospheric interludes, calm and aggressive moments, including acoustic parts and melodic guitar solos. This wide set of music components creates a unique mixture of the fleur of the classical groups of the 90s with the modern dark scene features appreciated by the fans of the genre.


1 A Sail To Sanity
2 Goodbye, Hope
3 Blackened Waves
4 Aurora
5 Forgotten Fields
6 Nostrum Mare (Et Deixo Un Pont De Mar Blava)
7 Once Upon A War
8 The Path To Puya
9 La Sibil·La

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New Arrivals

Absence Betrayal - Emotions (CD) (2018)
Metal Renaissance, melodic black / death metal
Bohema - Endless Greatness (CD) (2010)
Metal Renaissance, technical brutal death metal
Bohema - Eternal Slaves (CD) (2008)
Metal Renaissance, technical brutal death metal
Bohema - Two Sides Of The Coin (CD) Digipak (2012)
Metal Renaissance, technical brutal death metal
Cloakroom - Time Well (CD) (2017)
Relapse Records, stoner rock / psychedelic shoegaze
Despise You / Agoraphobic Nosebleed - Split CD - And On And On... (CD) (2011)
Relapse Records, hardcore / grindcore
Dusk Dwell - Through The Bright Halls (CD) (2018)
Old School Music, symphonic gothic / doom metal
Ego Depths / Dispersive Light - SplitCD - Follow The Skua (CD) (2010)
Endless Winter, funeral drone doom
Elzevir - Rise From Knees (CD) (2011)
Metal Renaissance, folk / melodic death metal
Ephemera - Послесмертие (Poslesmertie) (CD) (2016)
Metal Renaissance, symphonic metal
Ex Eye - Ex Eye (CD) (2017)
Relapse Records, instrumental post-metal / jazz / experimental
Graveyard Of Souls - Mental Landscapes (CD) (2017)
Endless Winter, death doom metal
I'm Fine - The Way Of Madness (CD) (2012)
Metal Renaissance, gothiс / doom / dark metal
In Oblivion - Memories Engraved In Stone (CD) (2018)
Endless Winter, funeral doom metal
Inspell - Murder Tales: I Confess (CD) (2017)
Metal Renaissance, black metal
Krief De Soli - Procul Este, Profani (CD) (2010)
Endless Winter, funeral doom
Lake Of Tears - Twenty Years In Tears - A Tribute To (2xCD) (2012)
Фоно / Metal Renaissance, gothic / death / doom metal
Lapsus Dei - In Our Sacred Places (MCD) (2010)
Endless Winter, melodic death doom metal
Lethargy Of Death - Necrology (CD) (2010)
Endless Winter, funeral doom
Mantas - Death By Metal (CD) (2012)
Relapse Records, death metal
Mother Witch & Dead Water Ghosts - Ruins Of Faith (CD) Digipak (2015)
(No Name) / DGRecords / The Mighty Riff Records, psychedelic doom metal / rock
Poison Blood - Poison Blood (MCD) (2017)
Relapse Records, black metal
Symphonian - Incarnation Of Reality (CD) (2011)
Endless Winter, gothic doom metal
Unperfectum - Neomenia (CD) (2017)
Metal Renaissance, melodic death metal
Vinterriket - Firntann (MCD) Digisleeve (2008)
Frozen Landscapes Productions, dark ambient
Vinterriket - Horizontmelancholie (CD+DVD) Digipak (2009)
Heimatfolk, dark ambient
[SHTURM] - Царь Страшных Снов (CD) (2013)
Metal Renaissance, millitary ebm


16 - Lifespan Of A Moth (12'' LP) Cardboard Sleeve (2016)
Relapse Records, sludge metal
Anatomy Of Habit - Ciphers + Axioms (12'' LP) Cardboard Sleeve (2014)
Relapse Records, post metal
Expulsion - Nightmare Future (12'' LP) Cardboard Sleeve (2017)
Relapse Records, death metal / grindcore
The Drip - The Haunting Fear Of Inevitability (12'' LP) Cardboard Sleeve (2017)
Relapse Records, grindcore


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