New Arrivals - 15.03.2019

by Solitude Productions

URZA "The Omnipresence Of Loss" CD

The debut work by the group from Germany composed in the best traditions of funeral doom metal. This is not only the dark and ultra-heavy music enriched by delicious melodies contained in five long tracks, a unique impressive atmosphere is included together with a dense professional sound that bring Urza in line with the recognized apostles of the genre.


1 Lost In Decline
2 A History Of Ghosts
3 Path Of Tombs
4 From The Vaults To Extermination
5 Demystifying The Blackness

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New Arrivals

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Nasum - Inhale / Exhale (12'' LP) Gatefold (1998)
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Steve Moore - The Mind's Eye (2x12'' LP) Gatefold (2016)
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Usnea - Portals Into Futility (2x12'' LP) Gatefold (2017)
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