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death doom metal, Solitude Digital
Ukrainian Death Doom Metal band “Embrace of Silence” present to your attention a single called “Last Winter”. Quality work done in collaboration with Morton Studio. We thank all who helped us. Happy listening!

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death doom metal, Solitude Productions
Exclusive compilation issued to celebrate 10th anniversary of Solitude Productions. Contains tracks from Enth “Enth” 12” EP and digital only tracks from Luna «There Is No Tomorrow Gone Beyond Sorrow Under A Sheltering Mask», Embrace Of Silence «Last Winter» и Edenian «Forgotten Once». Limited Edition 500 copies.
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doom death, Solitude Productions
The first full-length album from Ukranian band which already issued two mini-albums and gave a number of gigs.Embrace Of Silence follow the traditions of doom death metal from 90s, especially My Dying Bride, both music-wise and conception-wise. Classical long harsh riffs framed by keyboards and violin prevail in their music.«Leaving The Place Forgotten By God» is addressed to those whose hearts are devoted to orthodox doom death metal!
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