About us

The Solitude Productions record label was founded in July 2005, mainly to promote the domestic doom metal scene, and covers a wide range of directions from traditional doom to funeral doom. Solitude Productions historically became the first doom metal label in Russia, and has also become the leading and the most recognized doom label in Eastern Europe for its catalog and coverage.

The motivation for the establishment of the label was that although many underground band of different doom metal directions were producing interesting material, they were unable to get signed, as very few labels were interested in promoting this kind of music. The success of Solitude Productions inspired other people to establish new underground doom metal labels in Russia. Solitude became an example to be followed, a guide in the area of doom metal releases and promotion, yet they have always remained unique and original.

From the very beginning, Solitude Productions followed the strict policy of stylistic consistency, considering that many releases produced under the “doom metal” sticker were really not (such as variations of gothic metal and melodic death metal), and one of the label's missions became the correct positioning of the genre’s frames. In this connection, the BadMoodMan Music sublabel was established at the end of 2006 for releasing the records that do not fit the stylistics of the main branch, but still belong to the dark scene.

Among the notable milestones of the label’s history are the first Russian CD release of a domestic funeral doom band (Intaglio), and the first Russian record contract with a sludge doom band (Heavy Lord). The label has promoted not only the new names of the Russian dark scene, but also young talented bands from the former Soviet Union republics: Belarus (Reido, Woe Unto Me), the Ukraine (Somnolent, Autumnia, Stoned Jesus, Luna, Crypt Of Silence, Sorrowful Land, etc.), Latvia (Frailty), and Georgia (Ennui).

Solitude Productions is also known for its reissues of classic albums that were important in the development of the doom genre in Russia (Ocean Of Sorrow, Painful Memories, Ekklesiast), and another large part of the label's activity is the re-release of the cult albums of such bands as Evoken, Doom: VS, Funeral, Fallen, Hierophant, Catacombs, and Lachrimatory.

The label has discovered such bands as Stoned Jesus, Kauan, The Morningside, When Nothing Remains, and Ea, who later received worldwide recognition and won the hearts of hundreds of thousands of fans.

Another direction actively developed by Solitude Prod. is the production of records on vinyl. This activity includes both the release of original albums and the re-release of classic pieces by Doom: VS.

Not limited only to releasing records, the Solitude Productions members have also closely collaborated with musicians, developing artworks for many albums (Tears Of Mankind, Septic Mind, Restless Oblivion, Amily, etc.), writing lyrics (Revelations Of Rain, Tears Of Mankind), performing recording and mixing (Crypt Of Silence, Woe Unto Me, Sorrowful Land, When Nothing Remains), and appearing as musicians (When Nothing Remains, Intaglio). All of these contributions have unified the label members and the musicians into one large family of like-minded people.

In 2018, Solitude Prod. started the world’s first YouTube Doom Metal radio on youtube channel, which became a unique phenomenon in the world of music and made it possible to acquaint tens of thousands of listeners with the doom genre.

Currently, Solitude Productions and BadMoodMan Music are a vital part of the Russian underground scene, constantly discovering new talented bands.