Anything Box - Volume One (CD) Digipak

synth-pop, Twilight
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Volume One is a collection of Anything Box songs Claude remastered, including some remixes of "Living in Oblivion" and a new remix of "Kiss of Love" (the Pumped Mix). It also includes songs from the albums Worth, Hope, Elektrodelica, The Universe Is Expanding, The Recovered, The Effect of Stereo TV, and four unreleased songs from early Anything Box demos dated from 1988-1989.

1 Living In Oblivion (Elektrode Mix) 5:04
2 Kiss Of Love (Pumped Mix) 4:40
3 World Without Love 4:07
4 The Ravine (Video Mix) 2:47
5 Answer Me 4:41
6 Blue Little Rose 4:02
7 A Moment's Shifting 4:29
8 Emily 3:52
9 Doubt 3:37
10 Conscious 4:03
11 Clean 5:23
12 Welcome To The End 4:11
13 65 Million Miles 3:12
14 Atlantis 2:12
15 Heaven (1988 Live Rehearsal) 3:48
16 Destinations (1989 Rehearsal) 4:59
17 Ascension (1st Demo) 2:49
18 Pray (1990 Demo) 4:50
19 Hypocrites (1990 Rehearsal) 5:23

Anything Box
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Volume One
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