Cardinals Folly - Deranged Pagan Sons (CD)

traditional doom metal, Nine Records, Throats Productions
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Dabbling in the world of occultism, weird tales, obscure horror, pagan rites and luciferian depravity, the band has recorded an album consisting 8 powerful, even wild anthems of heavy doom and metal mastery, that never let their savage NWOBHM-influenced classic doom grip go, despite of going on a varied 48-minute fiery ´n´ groovy metal adventure. Previous album "Holocaust of Ecstasy & Freedom" (Shadow Kingdom Records, 2016) paved the way to this so far most perfect fulfillment of their blasphemous art, where every song rolls by like a megafauna of a bygone age in a shadowy domain, where the only law is to doom in, drop out, rock hard & stay true. The doom metal underground sometimes seems packed with toothless sheep, so it is great to spend some time with wolves. Laughing off the shackles of the latest trends or retro gimmicks, Finnish trio Cardinals Folly bring an energy and inventiveness to the genre that is authentic and unique. Drink from their chalice and give your body and mind to the old gods...

1 Worship Her Fire 06:26
2 Dionysian 04:10
3 Deranged Pagan Sons 05:31
4 The Island Where Time Stands Still 06:49
5 Three-Bladed Doom 05:18
6 Suicide Commando 05:27
7 I Belong In The Woods 06:02
8 Secret Of The Runes 08:29

Cardinals Folly
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Deranged Pagan Sons
traditional doom metal
CD Album
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Nine Records
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5 903263 618065
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