Day Before Us - Adorned Path Of Stillness (CD) Digipak

neoclassical / dark ambient, Gradual Hate Records / Twilight Records
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GH 135 CD / TW 1.153 s
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Day Before Us is a project which embraces densely textured soundscapes, ominous, eerie, soothing ambiences and emotional storylines in a bittersweet spirit, approaching the timeless mystery, old legends and romantical reveries. In this new album Day Before Us challenges territories of neoclassical and ambient music . "Adorned path of stillness" is an album of a dark, ethereal and nocturnal beauty.

1 Bereginya 6:01
2 Allegory Of The Körkalen 2:24
3 Firmament 5:46
4 Citadel In The Aether 4:21
5 Tempus Fugit 6:11
6 Clarté Lunaire 2:38
7 Seraphîta 10:27
8 Et Lux In Tenebris Lucet 8:05
9 Aplace Of Woven Reveries 4:26

Day Before Us
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Adorned Path Of Stillness
neoclassical / dark ambient
CD Album
Gradual Hate Records / Twilight Records
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GH 135 CD / TW 1.153
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