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Dead Conspiracy - Dead Conspiracy (CD)

death thrash metal, Memento Mori, Memento Mori
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The sophomore full-length album of the cult U.S. band Dead Conspiracy. Formed in 1986, Dead Conspiracy is to this day considered by many as a pioneer and influence to Death/Gore Metal bands worldwide. Originally released on vinyl, tape and digital in November 2016, "Dead Conspiracy" features 9 tracks of the band's trademark Thrash Metal-edged, Punk-infused, evil-minded, vicious and unadulterated savagery that should definitely appeal to fans of other primal and unrefined Death Metal acts that helped shape the genre in the 80's, such as Nunslaughter, Necrophagia, Mantas/Death, Master, Incubus, Possessed, Deceased, Autopsy/Abscess, Terminal Death, Massacre, Exmortis, Repulsion, Slaughter, N.M.E... The vocals drip with devilish flare, the bass is clear and punchy, guitars are treble and sound like scythes, and drums sound like they were recorded on a low-budget in the best way. There are no tricks here, just raw skill and Metal. "Dead Conspiracy" is a powerful album, even after many repeated listens. It displays everything you need old school Death Metal to display: bone-crunching riffs, pounding breakdowns and speed delivered with anger, atmosphere and energy by a band that’s riddled with acrimonious motivation and a burning passion for the genre. So dig up your favorite cadaver to sit with while you get kick your ears kicked in, for the deadliest have now returned!!!

1 Blood Everywhere
2 In The Wake Of The Butcher
3 The Earth Rots In A Grave
4 Cruelty Through Ripping Torture
5 Born Again Massacre
6 Antietam / Vultures Feeding
7 Edge Of Darkness
8 Crawling Dread
9 Paralyzed With Terror

Dead Conspiracy
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United States
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Dead Conspiracy
death thrash metal
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Memento Mori
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