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Diavoliada (Дьяволиада) - Низведанье: Глава 26 (The Unexploration: Chapter 26) (CD)

symphonic black metal, More Hate Productions, More Hate Productions
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New revelation on Belorussian symphonic black metal stage – the album "The unexploration: Chapter 26" by Diavoliada project. The name of the album, as well as its content, is a mystery, a conundrum with the answers hidden on the other side of human consciousness. It is emphasized by extraordinary symphonic black metal and atmospheric dark metal melodics employed by Diavolida. Here you can find almost all the specific features of the present-day symphonic black metal including mighty blast beat sections with central theme performed by melodic guitar, as well as epic clean voice sections with melodies played on lead guitar, which may sound as classical stringed instruments from time to time.From the first up to the last track the album maintains the conceptual sequence of songs narrating about chaos, the alteration of universally recognized realities, the birth of a global mystical evil. At the same time it reveals the philosophic context dealing with the essence of Humanity as a single organism and the essence of a single person, its thanatophobia, its fears of the unknown future and the certainty of the end – “trapped by the fear of the unknown future / the consciousness picks the path of sin”...

1 Истление 3:50
2 Проклятия теней 6:02
3 Свержение 7:14
4 Исцеление злом 7:40
5 Ипостазь 7:27
6 Тропою истин 8:08
7 Нисповедь 8:42
8 В объятьях страха 7:23
9 Низведанье 9:08

Diavoliada (Дьяволиада)
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Низведанье: Глава 26 (The Unexploration: Chapter 26)
symphonic black metal
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More Hate Productions
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MHP 11-086
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