Distressful Project - Fucked-Up Songs (CD)

gothic doom metal, Darknagar / More Hate Productions, More Hate Productions
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DNR 035 / MHP 16-210 n
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“Fucked-Up Songs” is a debut release of DISTRESSFUL PROJECT formed by the two member of a famous and well-liked band ATRA HORA (Pyatigorsk, Russia). The material for this album was composed back in 2008. However, after so many years the musicians decided to rework it completely rather than just re-record the outdated stuff. The new incarnation of songs was significantly influenced by a wide range of genres: a traditional gothic-doom metal foundation with gloomy thick death/doom metal riffs and mighty low male growling was combined with atmospheric post-rock interludes, ambient inserts and trip-hop beats generated using a time-honoured Roland TR-808, the iconic drum-machine from early 90s. Moreover, Yanis and Alextos introduced melodies untypical of doom death metal – they are more characteristic of Greek metal scene represented by ROTTING CHRIST and SEPTIC FLESH, and different vocal techniques – from clean singing to various extreme vocals. As a result the album sounds very lively. The musicians managed to avoid the excessive length of songs and dragging out of material in general, both characteristic of doom metal.

1 ...
2 Tristia
3 Σκοτοδίνη
4 At Eternity's Gate
5 The Curse
6 Volition
7 Twilight
8 Soulless
9 Paranoia
10 Blindness

Distressful Project
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Fucked-Up Songs
gothic doom metal
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Darknagar / More Hate Productions
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DNR 035 / MHP 16-210
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