Do Skonu (До Скону) - Offering (CD) Digipak

black metal, Handful of Hate
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Comes in 6-panel digipak, ltd. to 333 copies. This album was recorded in early 2012 and it is the band´s third album in fact. At that time, I sought to compose more straightforward material within the strict framework of the BM style and rejected any experiments. But inspiration cannot be controlled. An inexplicable obsession got out of control and forced to create nine songs that were completely unlike on my past (and future) works. In 2012 these experiments with sound seemed to me too bold and I decided to bury this recording. Several songs were re-recorded and released on other albums, and some tracks completely disappeared into the shadows. Then I did not know that this album will begin the transformation from Black Metal to Black Rock. My musical roots won and helped create a different style. The perception of reality has changed and reached a new level. Years later, I changed my opinion about this album,because it iscompletely harmonious and self-sufficient. Inspired by such recordings as Darkthrone - “Goatlord”, Blackdeath - “Bottomless Armageddon” (which got a new life after a while) and of course the legendary Bathory - “Blood on Ice”, I decided to release this album, fully preserving the sound of old time. That is how these songs should sound, they were like that at the very beginning, before all re-releases. Yes, this is an old album, which shows DO SKONU in a new way. Fire from the past flared up just now. Varagian Vocals, Guitars, Bass (2009-present) See also: ex-ForestGrave, Horthodox

1 Offering 02:57
2 The Rite 04:28
3 The Grand Awakening Among The Great Sleep 05:48
4 Deadman 04:57
5 Darkness 02:35
6 Mountains Piercing Heaven 04:38
7 Contemplation Of The Night 07:20
8 Arcturus 03:46
9 Serpentine Circle 04:09

Do Skonu (До Скону)
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black metal
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Handful of Hate
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