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Educated Scum - The Chaos Complete: From Chaos To Disorder Re-Visited (CD)

grindcore / death metal, More Hate Productions / Symbol Of Domination Prod , More Hate Productions
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MHP 15-145 / SODP023 n
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Moscow death/ grindcore band has prepared an anniversary reissue of its debut "From Chaos To Disorder" dedicated to quindecennial of the project. The 51-minute album consists of 52 tracks. It was completely re-recorded in Primordial studio with live drums and includes both old and new versions of songs, good quality rehearsal records made with the last live line-up in 2006, and a 6-track demo recorded in 2000. EDUCATED SCUM performs zero-tolerance explosive grindcore supplemented with samples made from the speeches of famous politics and topped with the lyrics dedicated to pressing social issues in the vein of NAPALM DEATH. This album bids to become the most ultimate and fast extreme-metal album in former Soviet Union and the must have for all fans of such music.

Chapter I: Chaos Reborn (Re-recorded Version)
1 There Is... (Bonus Track)
2 Religious Insanity Part I: Jihad
3 Cannon Fodder
4 Propaganda
5 Psalm To Life Part I: Rejuvenation
6 Psalm To Life Part II
7 Technical Progress
8 Stop The Madness
9 Digital Apocalypse
10 From Chaos To Disorder
11 Educated Scum
12 Lethargic Era
13 Where Is Justice?
14 Global Suicide
15 Anti-Globalistic Manifest
16 Requiem
17 There Is... (Karaoke Version)
18 Cannon Fodder (Karaoke Version)
19 Digital Apocalypse (Karaoke Version)
20 Technical Progress (Karaoke Version)
21 Where Is Justice? (Karaoke Version)
22 Anti-Globalistic Manifest (Karaoke Version)
Chapter Ii: Chaos Rehearsed (Studio Live 2006)
23 Cloning Process Failure
24 From Chaos To Disorder
25 Global Suicide
26 Grin
27 Propaganda
28 Religious Insanity Part I: Jihad
Chapter III: From Chaos To Disorder (Promo-CD 2003 Version)
29 From Chaos To Disorder
30 Educated Scum
31 There Is...
32 Lethargic Era
33 Where Is Justice?
34 Cannon Fodder
35 Psalm To Life (Part I: Rejuvenation)
36 Psalm To Life (Part II)
37 Propaganda
38 Technical Progress
39 Stop The Madness
40 Digital Apocalypse
41 Anti-Globalistic Manifest
42 Global Suicide
43 Religious Insanity Part I: Jihad
44 Requiem
45 Happy End (Feat. Eugene The Dreamkeeper)
46 Nutopian International Anthem (John Lennon Cover) [Extended Version]
Chapter IV: The Origin Of Chaos (Demo 2000, Remastered In 2003)
47 Cryogenic Future
48 Digital Apocalypse
49 Senile Dementia
50 Anti-Globalistic Manifest
51 Music Business Creed Part 1
52 Music Business Creed Part 2

Educated Scum
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The Chaos Complete: From Chaos To Disorder Re-Visited
grindcore / death metal
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Jewel Case
More Hate Productions / Symbol Of Domination Prod
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MHP 15-145 / SODP023
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