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Far From Mind - Breakpoint '33 (CD)

gothic metal, More Hate Productions, More Hate Productions
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Dark Metal album from Far From Mind (Krasnodar)! Modern metal, pure as it can be: mostly mid-tempo, powerful and groovy. Today's quintessence of heavy metal's paramount achievements, all dressed up in a formal yet trendy outfit. The rhythms are heavy and straightforward, yet mesmerizing and shamanic. The thick pulsation of heavy guitar riffs is permeated with lavish acoustic parts. The snarls and screams are found to be perfectly symbiotic with pathetic declamations. The rhythm is based on a monolithic alloy of thick groovy bass lines and drum cannonades. The music is not half as simple as you might think after one listen; it's heavily charged with intellect, given the amount of the thought that was obviously invested into composing it. Add polyphonic structures and varied harmonies, multiply by intriguing timings and exponentiate by the masterly performance and recording - and you will get a more or less good idea of FFM's new release manifesting the band's well grounded ambitions to stay in the vanguard of the extreme music.

1 33: The Freedom Path 03:07
2 Anytime (Nothing's For Granted) 08:14
3 One Click Away (Requiem) 04:19
4 Emotions 07:59
5 Night Of The Soul 05:34
6 Justify (The Timing To Die) 08:57
7 Skeleton 07:12
8 Ecce Homo 06:26
9 Freedom 06:24
10 Angels (Centrifugal Mind Reflections) 19:19

Far From Mind
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Breakpoint '33
gothic metal
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More Hate Productions
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MHP 09-059
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