Festerguts - Heritage Of Putrescent (CD)

death metal, Gormageddon Productions / More Hate Productions, More Hate Productions
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"Heritage Of Putrescent" is the first full length album from one of the eldest death metal Russian bands (formed back in 1993). This album consists of re-recorded songs which were previously released on MCs (mainly during the 90's). Despite the fact that the songs were created a considerably long time ago and also represent different years, the album's sound is rather fresh and powerful. Musically, the album is made in FESTERGUTS' trademark style - old school death metal with keyboard and operatic soprano backing vocals. Such combination allows to make the sound monumental with a gloomier feel. The album's title is fully reflected not only in their music but also in the cover art. A family, in a fit of madness, is eating the guts of their late relative. The cover artwork idea was embodied by Canadian horror actors and models (the youngest model at the moment of the photo session had barely reached age of two!) Mixing and mastering were done at one of Russia's best metal record studios - the NavahoHut Records.

1 Above A Cold Body: Pre-Funeral Preparations 1:30
2 Now I Can Feel You From Inside 2:58
3 Besmeared With Blood And Viscera 3:01
4 Dissolved Bathers 4:20
5 On The Bloodsoaked Bridal Bed 3:30
6 Cannibalistic Perversion (Self-Butchery) 4:11
7 Mistress Of Putridity 5:59
8 Gorge The Grumes 6:02

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Heritage Of Putrescent
death metal
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STEAK 009 / MHP 13-109
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