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Grace Disgraced - The Primal Cause: Womanumental (CD)

technical / brutal death metal, More Hate Productions, More Hate Productions
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New full-length album by GRACE DISGRACED is writhen of rich and greasy guitar riffs, carnivorous and inimitable vocals by Polina ‘Grace Dis’ Berezko, hypnotically-fascinating drumming and bass lines that will definitely tread you into the ground. The band continues its development and presents a really monumental work that unfolds song by song and carries a listener away to the incogitable abysses beyond cosmogonies, bring him to the depth of parallel continua, worlds and wild anachronistic universes. The album can move heart with its touching, cold and torturing philosophy! The concept is based on the image of warriors, mother, executions, empress. Passionless, she keeps observing the roiling stream of progress, the empires built on the bones at her feet. Following the tradition of the previous album GRACE DISGRACED present seven monumental songs – the result of its unrestrained fantasy, complemented with artwork for full-immersion into the world created by the band! And let the infinite regenesis go on!

1 Venustus Caedes 6:53
2 Secondary 6:49
3 Initial 8:12
4 She Smells Death 6:56
5 Panacea 7:04
6 Dragons Of Emptiness 7:32
7 Humiliated And Insulted 7:41

Grace Disgraced
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The Primal Cause: Womanumental
technical / brutal death metal
CD Album
Jewel Case
More Hate Productions
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MHP 14-122
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