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Horror Necros - The Bite Of A Hornet (CD)

death / groove metal, More Hate Productions / Narcoleptica, More Hate Productions
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“The Bite of a Hornet” – the debut album by HORROR NECROS, literally packed to the gills with anger and aggression towards the world like a maniac, who mercilessly torments his victims for their sins, is a lead for the face capable of knocking listeners down with its heavy and thick metal stuff. The band performs mighty and gloomy Groove Death Metal, slightly resembling EKTOMORF and late (yet Cavalera’s) SEPULTURA, but with its own individual “maniac-groovy” flare! The album features two cover versions of songs originally performed by the abovementioned bands. However the most evident influence comes from SIX FEET UNDER – the favorite band of HORROR NECROS members. The album is full of pure metal energy – each riff is performed with feeling. People resemble hornets, which – following their instincts – kill morally and physically defective yet innocent zooids in order to satisfy their needs. The only difference is that a beautiful and dangerous winged hornet bites its victims ruled by natural laws, while a biped animal — a human being – acts consciously, thus constituting a greater danger than a winged insect…

01 Death Сад 6:18
02 The Bite Of A Hornet 5:32
03 Color Blindness 4:08
04 Дробь В Свиной Голове 4:00
05 Экзорцист 4:24
06 My Reflection 3:18
07 Jumanji 3:00
08 Тема Зла 6:18
09 I’m In Hate (Ektomorf cover) 3:36
10 Roots Bloody Roots (Sepultura cover) 3:22

Horror Necros
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The Bite Of A Hornet
death / groove metal
CD Album
Jewel Case
More Hate Productions / Narcoleptica
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MHP 15-174 / NP-002-15
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