Hypocrisy - Hell Over Sofia (20 Years Of Chaos And Confusion) (2xCD+DVD) A5 Digipak

melodic death metal, Mazzar Records
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MZR DVD 002 d
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Comes in A5 Digibook.

DVD: Hell Over Sofia (Live At Blue Box, Sofia, Bulgaria - February 27th, 2010)
DVD01 Valley Of The Damned 5:20
DVD02 Hang Him High 4:33
DVD03 Fractured Millennium 5:31
DVD04 Adjusting The Sun 5:43
DVD05 Eraser 4:47
DVD06 Pleasure - Osculum - Penetralia "Medley" 7:25
DVD07 Apocalypse - 4th Dimension "Medley" 9:39
DVD08 Killing Art 3:52
DVD09 A Coming Race 5:36
DVD10 Let The Knife Do The Talking 5:09
DVD11 Weed Out The Weak 4:27
DVD12 Fire In The Sky 5:41
DVD13 The Final Chapter 5:39
DVD14 Warpath 5:38
DVD15 Roswell 47 4:32
Documentary 20 Years Of Chaos And Confusion 9:51
Video Clip Weed Out The Weak 4:14
CD I: Hell Over Sofia
CD1 01 Valley Of The Damned 5:41
CD1 02 Hang Him High 4:34
CD1 03 Fractured Millennium 5:30
CD1 04 Adjusting The Sun 5:56
CD1 05 Eraser 4:46
CD1 06 Pleasure Of Molestation 2:45
CD1 07 Osculum Obscenum 2:53
CD1 08 Penetralia 1:44
CD1 09 Apocalypse 4:27
CD1 10 Fourth Dimension 5:13
CD1 11 Killing Art 3:14
CD II: Hell Over Sofia
CD2 01 A Coming Race 5:40
CD2 02 Let The Knife Do The Talking 4:46
CD2 03 Weed Out The Weak 4:26
CD2 04 Fire In The Sky 7:38
CD2 05 The Final Chapter 5:39
CD2 06 Warpath 4:30
CD2 07 Roswell 47 6:26

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Hell Over Sofia (20 Years Of Chaos And Confusion)
melodic death metal
A5 Digipak
Mazzar Records
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