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In Somnis - The Memory You've Become (CD) Digipak

atmospheric death doom metal, GS Productions, GS Productions
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GSP 271 s
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The band’s history goes back to 1997, when In Somnis was set as the band’s name. While the band has taken influences from classical piano and organ music and bands such as My Dying Bride, Empyrium, Haggard and many more, it has always been at prime interest to put down original music. In Somnis is about dreaming, about leaving the world behind, about escaping into another world. Flute melodies are seducing a man to enter a dream. Soon, the confrontation with the unconscious is imminent. Slowly bubbling up are tales of forlorn love, Weltshmerz and faith being lost forever. The scars of his mind bleed again. He dies every night. In Somnis plays mid-paced doom metal. Intense classic piano parts and whirling flute melodies contrast with a solid base of bass, drums, guitar riffs and deep grunts. Music for fans of My Dying Bride, Amorphis, Haggard, Empyrium, Therion, Darzamat and Hollenthon. Recorded and mixed at Templa Libitina and various homeplaces during july, august and september 2003. Digipack

1 My Siren 5:20
2 Galatea 5:04
3 The Goblet 3:26
4 A Memory You Become 3:45
5 A Godess Reborn 6:26
6 Heer Halewyn 3:25
7 Like Death,... Forever 5:32
8 Alone 5:01
9 Lost In Dreams 4:18

In Somnis
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The Memory You've Become
atmospheric death doom metal
CD Album
GS Productions
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GSP 271
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