Mayhem - A Season In Blasphemy (3xCD)

black metal, Season Of Mist, Season Of Mist
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3 CD Box CD1 - "Grand Declaration Of War" CD2 - "Chimera" CD3 - "Ordo Ad Chao" The back cover shows the original tracklisting from "Grand Declaration Of War". The tracklisting is different to the tracks from CD1. Track 1-4 & 1-5 are both "View From Nihil" (Track 1-5 comes with the last lyricpart from the song) Track "Grand Declaration Of War" is complete missing Lyrics on CD3 corrected by Jenny Huang and Randal Dunn Tubes and Fuck Ups on 3-1 by Knut Magne Valle

Grand Declaration Of War
1-1 Untitled 2:08
1-2 In The Lies Where Upon You Lay 5:59
1-3 A Time To Die 1:48
1-4 View From Nihil 3:04
1-5 View From Nihil 1:17
1-6 A Bloodsword And A Colder Sun 0:34
1-7 A Bloodsword And A Colder Sun 4:27
1-8 Crystalized Pain In Deconstruction 4:10
1-9 Completion In Science Of Agony 9:44
1-10 To Daimonion 3:26
1-11 Untitled 4:53
1-12 Untitled 0:07
1-13 Untitled 2:14
2-1 Whore 2:58
2-2 Dark Night Of The Soul 6:08
2-3 Rape Humanity With Pride 5:41
2-4 My Death 5:54
2-5 You Must Fall 4:14
2-6 Slaughter Of Dreams 7:00
2-7 Impious Devious Leper Lord 5:39
2-8 Chimera 7:00
Ordo Ad Chao
3-1 A Wise Birthgiver 3:31
3-2 Wall Of Water 4:40
3-3 Great Work Of Ages 3:53
3-4 Deconsecrate 4:07
3-5 Illuminate Eliminate 9:40
3-6 Psychic Horns 6:32
3-7 Key To The Storms 3:53
3-8 Anti 4:33

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A Season In Blasphemy
black metal
Jewel Case
Season Of Mist
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SOM 378
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