Minenfeld - The Great Adventure (CD)

death metal, Memento Mori, Memento Mori
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The crushing debut full-length by this German Death Metal warmachine that was previously only available on vinyl/tape/digital since its April 2019 release. Minenfeld started as a rehearsal room project in summer 2016. They never intended to record anything, particularly no album. Actually they started the band as a drunken idea, born from their passion for old school Death Metal (most notably Bolt Thrower, Hellhammer and Beherit), but immediately got to play a show, so they were pretty much forced to write a few songs. Afterwards, they decided to record those songs, which led to the split w/ Kriegszittern. After another split w/ Cryptic Brood and the release of a promo tape in between splits, they decided to record their debut album, "The Great Adventure", at the Tonmeisterei Oldenburg studios in Autumn 2018, which was released by Fucking Kill Records (vinyl) and Lycanthropic Chants (tape). The band's topic of choice for the lyrics since day one has been WW1. The idea has always been to create music that captures this war in all its crudeness and primitivism, and sonically conjure up the mud, steel, blood and death in these battlefields. To achieve this, the music is heavy, rumbling, apocalyptic, grinding and thundering, accentuated by many original samples from those times: songs, speeches and excerpts from radio broadcasts, most especially taken from the U.S. propaganda after their entry into the war. The idea to contrast this propaganda of a "great adventure" that awaits on the other side of the world with the sad reality of war, where many searched for glory yet only found death, fascinated them and led them to write the album, and ultimately use that "great adventure" expression as the title. Utterly recommended for fans of Bolt Thrower, Asphyx, Hail Of Bullets, Just Before Dawn, Decaying, early Sacrilege...

1. The Great Adventure 5:15
2. Upon Gruesome Pathways 2:35
3. Blood Traces 3:13
4. Assault 4:18
5. Dethrone The Tyrant 2:32
6. Tote Erde 5:05
7. Dust & Iron 2:26
8. Bellum Omnium Contra Omnes 8:44
9. Wunden 5:25

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The Great Adventure
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