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industrial metal, Metalgate Records
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Next album - next topic. Minority Sound like to experiment. Eventhough it might not be an experiment in common sense they like to try what they haven't tried before. And this is the case of Toxin. The album's topics are mental disorders, addictions, envy, hate and ... love. Love to a woman, love to a man, love to drugs, love to yourself and of course all of its dark sides. It is an album of many genres. Ranging from harsh industrials, through melodic Metal, Death Metal, Thrash Metal to very modern approach and it cannot be put into one specific box. Minority Sound have picked Dan Friml's The Barn studios to record the album. And it happened during 14 cold December days of 2018. Final mix and mastering has been yet again given to a canadian producer Rom di Prisco and the overall sound is once more way ahead of its predecessors. Interesting fact is that all the songs for Toxin were composed quite quickly during 4 month in Fall 2017. That's something unique if we take into account that previous records were composed in a matter of years. Maybe it was given by the mood of the main brain of the band: Otus Hobst who went through a couple of rock-bottom falls and mental breakdowns during 2017. We can say that Toxin is kind of a detox from the negative thoughts. It is about things that simply had to get out and that's what makes this album immediate and emotive. Lyrics were co-written by Tom F. Hanzl, better known as Chymus. Lyrics-wise they really were on the same line with Otus so even this matter takes everything to a new level.

1 Deeds Of Hate
2 Scarecrow
3 Toxin
4 Bipolar
5 Sunlight. Be Me! Sunlight Begone!
6 Love & Mayhem
7 Disconnected Sympathy
8 Empty Sands

Minority Sound
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Czech Republic
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industrial metal
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