My Dying Bride - An Ode To Woe (CD+DVD) Digibook

death doom metal, Peaceville
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"My Dying Bride - An Ode to Woe CD/DVD 2 Disc Set A night of classic doom captured at the legendary Paradiso in Amsterdam" Recorded live on April 20, 2007 at Paradiso, Amsterdam, The Netherlands. DVD5 NTSC Region 0 All tracks published by Vile Music (A division of Imagen Music Limited). Manufacturing plant identified by the runout printings. Made in Germany. ℗ 2008 Peaceville Records © 2008 Peaceville Records

CD-1 To Remain Tombless 7:43
CD-2 My Hope, The Destroyer 5:45
CD-3 For You 6:41
CD-4 The Blue Lotus 6:33
CD-5 Like Gods Of The Sun 5:21
CD-6 Catherine Blake 6:18
CD-7 The Cry Of Mankind 6:07
CD-8 The Whore, The Cook & The Mother 5:42
CD-9 Thy Raven Wings 5:22
CD-10 The Snow In My Hand 7:09
CD-11 She Is The Dark 7:59
CD-12 The Dreadful Hours 12:55
DVD-1 To Remain Tombless 7:43
DVD-2 My Hope, The Destroyer 5:45
DVD-3 For You 6:41
DVD-4 The Blue Lotus 6:33
DVD-5 Like Gods Of The Sun 5:21
DVD-6 Catherine Blake 6:18
DVD-7 The Cry Of Mankind 6:07
DVD-8 The Whore, The Cook & The Mother 5:42
DVD-9 Thy Raven Wings 5:22
DVD-10 The Snow In My Hand 7:09
DVD-11 She Is The Dark 7:59
DVD-12 The Dreadful Hours 12:55
DVD-13 The Forever People 5:28

My Dying Bride
Artist Country:
United Kingdom
Album Year:
An Ode To Woe
death doom metal
Cat No:
Release Year:
8 01056 82072 3
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