Northwind Wolves - Dark... Cold... Grim... (CD) Digipak

symphonic black / death metal, Black Lion Records, Black Lion Records
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Noor (guitar/vocals) and Astaroth (guitar) met and began writing music for Sinstorm in the mid-2000’s , around that same time Brett Batdorf (Drums) was still playing for “the Faceless” . Sinstorm went through many line up changes , eventually leading to Bret joining the band in the late 2000’s playing shows together for a few years. (Link below of an old Sinstorm show: Noor, Astaroth, and Brett on the black path to America tour with Kampfar and Vried) Noor and Astaroth began exploring other types Black metal, creating a vile new sound for a vile new project they named NorthWind Wolves. These musical trials manifested in the form of limited early-era Northwind wolves releases and late-era unreleased Sinstorm tracks. The three core members had decided upon a new Vile Melodic black metal sound and have just released their first studio album ” Dark… Cold… Grim…” Explore all media links below. Having already touched base with most people with their new recently self released record Dark Cold Grim they managed to establish a strong name in the underground black metal scene! with their epic soundscape and grim vision the band is ready to widen their horizon for a re release of their album on first ever physical form mid 2018. the band features some of the finest drumming by Mr Brett known from Us death metallers The Faceless

1 Dark Skies For Black Sorcery 2:55
2 Specters In The Funeral's Mist 4:01
3 Cold Hearted Kings Of The Occult 3:40
4 Last Light Before The Darkness 4:02
5 Foul Wolves And Black Magic 2:09
6 Entrance To The Dark Universe 3:03
7 Majestic Fog On The Everlasting Mountain 3:28
8 Chamber Of The Shadow Lord 3:25
9 Celestial Extinction 4:10

Northwind Wolves
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United States
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Dark... Cold... Grim...
symphonic black / death metal
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Black Lion Records
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