Nox Aurea - Ascending In Triumph (CD)

gothic doom metal, Napalm Records
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Gothic Doom Symphonies For Fans of Draconian and Paradise Lost "Ascending in Triumph" is the second album for the Swedish formation Nox Aurea, a band that that worships doom metal's majestic darkness with heart and soul. Heavy guitars and hypnotic keyboard passages meet both low-pitched growls and fragile female vocals to create overflowing doom metal symphonies impressively veiled in obscurity. The lyrical concept is Gnostic in nature and removes itself from the gothic romanticism and grandiloquence of vampire tales to achieve a truly menacing and creeping darkness. The release is impressively rounded off by atmospheric artwork that skillfully sets the lyrical scene. "Ascending Triumph" is a mature and compact album that brings the Swedes closer to the top acts within their genre.

1 Ascending In Triumph 7:54
2 The Loss And Endeavour Of Divinity 8:46
3 The Shadowless Plains 8:18
4 Mother Aletheia - Chapter II 9:52
5 The Delight Of Autumn Passion 6:26
6 My Voyage Through Galactic Aeons 8:51
7 To The Grave I Belong 8:11
8 Emandare 4:11

Nox Aurea
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Ascending In Triumph
gothic doom metal
CD Album
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Napalm Records
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NPR 342
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8 85470 00083 1
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USA & Europe