Oro - Djupets Kall (CD)

sludge doom metal, Endless Winter, Endless Winter
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The cries of the lost and alone, the suffocating darkness, the crippling fear and the great brilliance of that hidden world below... all these things, these beautiful, terrifying things have been captured in the music of ORO, and their debut album, Djupets Kall. ORO was born beneath the Kilsbergen mountains, in the shadows of the deep forests in 2014 and in the brief years of their existence they have created a sound like no other. A towering, crushing force is mixed with intense intimacy and the fact that the band choose to sing in their own language, allowing them to speak purely from the heart, only adds to the grim beauty of these stunningly powerful songs. ORO means anxiety and unrest and those feelings run through this album like a black stream, but between the towering riffs of agonized doom and overwhelming sludge there are passages of sublime beauty. Within songs like the mountainous ‘Järtecken’ whole worlds of complex emotion open up before you. There will be hundreds of albums released in 2019, but very few of them will possess the power, the emotional intensity, the ability to capture and consume the listener of Djupets Kall. Albums like this are why heavy music continues to thrill and touch the hearts of those who need more than just bland entertainment. So be ready, because ORO will take you to dark places, unravel your nerves and expose your pain — and nothing could be more rewarding.

1 Jartecken 08:08
2 Domen 05:59
3 Enas i skam 06:32
4 Ensamheten 08:21
5 Tusen kroppar 08:29
6 Djupets kall 07:45
7 Ogat av glas 08:10

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Djupets Kall
sludge doom metal
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Endless Winter
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