Put Solntsa (Путь Солнца) - Стрелы Судьбы (Strely Sudby) (2xCD)

battle pagan thrash metal, More Hate Productions, More Hate Productions
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The fury of a Russian bear broke free! Its name is PUT SOLNTSA (The Way of the Sun)! The band that explodes both small clubs and large festival venues. It is impossible to sit or stand still when their music is blasting. It will make you headbang and scream their songs like mad. Once heard, their hymns to courage and perseverance will remain in your heart forever. There is a reason the new album is titled “Strely Sudby” (The Arrows of Destiny) - these songs are like arrows hitting the target. Miron and the company will take us on the adventurous journey where every step is a choice, a decision or an act. “There is No Way Back”, “Draw The Fire Upon Myself”, “Start the motor”. To live in the moment, to trust the guileful Leprechaun or to gracefully accept the Arrows of Destiny, to win and to say to your fellows: “And now it is time to go on a spree!” Mischievous old-school thrash metal will definitely blow away every fan of metal music! The edition contains a bonus CD “Molot Vremeni” (The Hammer of Time) - a compilation of songs composed by other bands. No, it is not a typical cover versions of famous songs but a fresh look at them. It is highly possible that you will fail to recognize them from the first listen and it will surprise you, however... Enjoy this “Name That Tune” game and have another listen to the fresh versions of the famous songs!

CD1-1 Я вызываю огонь на себя
CD1-2 Гулять будем
CD1-3 Лепрекон
CD1-4 Смерти следы
CD1-5 Нет пути назад
CD1-6 Заводи мотор (памяти Лемми)
CD1-7 К чёрту (Бригада С Cover)
CD1-8 Будь с нами 2020
CD2-1 Молот Времени
CD2-2 Винтовка XL
CD2-3 Мы не хотим
CD2-4 Судный День
CD2-5 Убей Всех
CD2-6 Стрела Судьбы

Put Solntsa (Путь Солнца)
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Стрелы Судьбы (Strely Sudby)
battle pagan thrash metal
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More Hate Productions
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MHP 20-361
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