Reclaim The Future - Mira (CD)

melodic death metal, More Hate Productions, More Hate Productions
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The second full-length album of a melodic death metal band from Saint Petersburg! Thanks to frequent and successful live shows and the debut album released in 2016 the band has already become well-known in its hometown. On the new release RECLAIM THE FUTURE have continued the development of their style based on easily recognizable melodic death metal in the vein of IN FLAMES and DARK TRANQUILITY when these bands were far from progressive and post metal. One can call it generic, others will say this kind of music has already been played and heard. This may be true, but despite triviality and evident abundance of clichés in the genre itself the band went through a lot of hard work and released really powerful and attractive material! The songs are a string of hits; they meet almost every expectation of melodic death metal fans: fast and catchy riffs, melodic and touching guitar solos, metronome-like work of the rhythm section and, of course, the cherry on the cake – charismatic and emotional vocals! And, most notably, the composers work is amazing – the material sounds fresh and innovative, breeding no rejection – it is nice listening to it and even singing along! Definite BRAVO to the musicians from Saint Petersburg!

1 Infinite
2 Fidelity
3 To A Smaller Extent
4 Underneath My Stars
5 Mira
6 Obsidian Skies
7 Ancients
8 Where The Stars Fall Silent
9 Noonwraith
10 Voices From The Distant Star' 17

Reclaim The Future
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melodic death metal
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