Scald - Agyl's Saga (2xCD) Digipak

epic doom metal, Wroth Emitter
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CD1 is the "Will Of The Gods Is Great Power" album. The track order on CD1 is the same as on the original master CD. "Bilrost" is the outro for "Ragnaradi Eve" so is not a separate track and is not listed, as on the first tape edition in 1997. The album is remastered from the original master disc. The disc also contains a hidden track placed before the first song, consisting of around 21 minutes of unreleased and unnamed songs. CD2 includes demos, rehearsal and concert recordings by Scald and Росс, a Yaroslavl heavy metal band that existed from 1990-1993 and later became Scald. Edition of 1000 copies in a 6-panel Digipak with a 12-page booklet.

1-0 Untitled 21:30
1-1 Night Sky 9:12
1-2 Eternal Stone 7:00
1-3 Ragnaradi Eve 11:52
1-4 Sepulchral Bonfire 11:51
1-5 A Tumulus 6:21
1-6 In The Open Sea 9:06
2-1 Конвоир = Prison Guard (Demo '91) 4:24
2-2 ККК (Demo '91) 6:40
2-3 Русский Воин = Russian Warrior (Demo '91) 4:52
2-4 Пой, Гусляр! = Sing, Guslyar! (Demo '91) 5:21
2-5 Кудесник = Wizard (Live '91) 6:25
2-6 Сокол = Falcon (Live '91) 4:41
2-7 Россия = Russia (Live '91) 4:23
2-8 Черный Замок = Black Castle (Live '91) 6:39
2-9 О Походах Викингов = Of Vikings' Trips (Live '91) 8:23
2-10 Кузнец Войны = Blacksmith Of War (Live '93) 6:19
2-11 Пламя Вальгаллы = Valhalla's Flame (Rehearsal '93) 7:51
2-12 Погребальный Костер = Sepulchral Bonfire (Rehearsal '93) 2:59
2-13 Sepulchral Bonfire (Demo '95) 9:47

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Agyl's Saga
epic doom metal
Wroth Emitter
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W.E. 028
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