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Somnus Aeternus - On The Shores Of Oblivion (CD)

dark doom death metal, Solitude Productions
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The debut album from Czech doom/death metallers Somnus Aeternus revolves around the idea of similarity (and to a certain degree interchangeability) of sleep and death and all implications of such and understanding of our existence. The musical influences of “On the Shores of Oblivion” are varied and the music itself is hard to describe in terms of traditional genre names. Doomy, yet melodic songs full of haunting atmosphere, heavy guitars, imaginative keyboards and distinctive compositions will be particularly interesting to fans of Swallow the Sun, Opeth, Saturnus, Insomnium or Arcturus. Listen to the album and experience a journey on your own shores of oblivion.

1 Withering Attachment 4:30
2 Decrepitus 5:01
3 Few More Pictures Till Death 5:11
4 Of The Bond 4:41
5 The Light At The End Of Suffering 5:16
6 A Touch Of Insanity 4:22
7 Purgatorium 4:36
8 The Divine Void 4:04
9 Everything Else Is A Lie 5:25
10 Sinthesis 4:24

Somnus Aeternus
Artist Country:
Czech Republic
Album Year:
On The Shores Of Oblivion
dark doom death metal
CD Album
Jewel Case
Solitude Productions
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Czech Republic