Steve Moore - Mayhem (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) (CD)

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STEVE MOORE (Zombi) returns with another hypnotizing new score for the acclaimed action/horror film Mayhem, starring Steven Yeun (The Walking Dead, Okja). A veritable portrait of shock and dread across seventy-plus minutes of analog synth tension, STEVE MOORE methodically crafts pulsating rhythms and penetrating arpeggios that constrict the listener into a deep sense of aural anxiety. With four soundtracks under his belt, STEVE MOORE is quickly becoming one of the most sought out synth composers in the horror realm and Mayhem is the ultimate demonstration of his unquestionable mastery of the style.

1 Welcome To TSC
2 Thank God For Coffee
3 9 O'Clock
4 Drop Of Water
5 Deep Shit
6 File 45A
7 We Are Brave
8 Thumbs Turned
9 The Reaper
10 ID-7
11 Dead Inside
12 The Bull
13 Loophole
14 Two Pepperoni Pizzas
15 Time To Work
16 Wednesdays
17 Extreme Measures
18 On The Count Of...
19 Nevil Reed
20 Allergies
21 Make Your Move
22 Showdown
23 Can We Talk
24 Negotiations Have Ended
25 No More Bullshit
26 Fuck This Place
27 Up To 11
28 So What Now
29 Irene Smythe
30 Level 3
31 Bullets Are For Cowards
32 You Belong Here
33 Surrender
34 Mine's Bigger
35 The King Falls

Steve Moore
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Mayhem (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)
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