Therion - Blood Of The Dragon (2xCD) Digibook

symphonic metal, Stygian Crypt Productions / Possession Productions, Stygian Crypt Productions
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For almost 30 years THERION deserved a tribute album like no one else. Not because of the fact of their existence or decades on the scene, but at least for creating a genre "symphonic metal". Surely, dominating keyboards and female vocals were used in metal before THERION, but it was they, who approached it in a big way and could masterfully unite a magnificence of symphonic orchestras, classical operatic vocals and heavy guitar riffs. ´Theli´ and its successor ´Vovin´ are the cornerstones of symphonic metal that inspired many musicians to play this music, which led them to success. This album restored "historical justice" and gives tribute to the masters of the genre that keep their own unique style while performing as their songs, as also diverse covers from Abba to Manowar (let´s not also forget about the whole album that covers various songs from French 60-70s estrade). Official tribute album to Therion limited to 666 machine numbered copies in 2CD digibook. First CD includes eight cover songs recorded by Therion themselves + 2 covers of Therion made by Ivanubis Hollanda. Second CD features 16 covers of Therion made by various bands.

1-1 Fight Fire With Fire 4:30
1-2 The King 4:09
1-3 Southbound 4:17
1-4 Witching Hour 2:45
1-5 Green Manalishi 3:23
1-6 Revelations 7:48
1-7 Black Funeral 3:18
1-8 Iron Fist 3:17
1-9 Perennial Sophia 4:54
1-10 Raven Of Dispersion 5:56
2-1 An Arrow From The Sun 6:11
2-2 Asgard 4:10
2-3 Baal Reginon 2:54
2-4 Genocidal Raids 5:09
2-5 Invocation Of Naamah 5:30
2-6 Kali Yuga. Part I 4:15
2-7 Liusalvheim 3:52
2-8 Pandemonic Outbreak 4:20
2-9 Schwarzalbenheim 4:58
2-10 Seven Secrets Of The Sphynx 3:58
2-11 To Mega Therion 6:43
2-12 The Blood Of Kingu 5:00
2-13 The Riders Of Theli 2:55
2-14 The Wand Of Arabis 5:49
2-15 The Wings Of The Hydra 4:04
2-16 Wisdom And The Cage 5:05

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Blood Of The Dragon
symphonic metal
Stygian Crypt Productions / Possession Productions
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SCP 095 / PS 125
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