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Therm.Eye.Flame - To Evolution! (CD)

progressive black metal, More Hate Productions, More Hate Productions
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MHP 04-032 n
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What does T.E.F. mean: A man loves and hates by eyes and the word EYE in this title means hate. The word combination EYE.FLAME in title means FLAME OF HATE, and THERM stands for ENERGY. In the beginning of the year 2005 on MORE HATE Productions under the release number 04-032, a fresh and already the third in succession, ten singed piece of POST BLACKNESS by southern MODERNIZED BLACK METAL formation T.E.F. in a CD format will leave the conveyor. It's a musical platform consisting of dominating part of pure B.M. with micro & macro sprinkles in the bulk of Industrial, Ambient, Noise and their products. Our music is soaked with the spirit of futurism. Urbanism, the cosmos, pain, paranoia... that is the meaning of M.B.M. by eyes of T.E.F.

1 Сектора Безумия Ч.1 - Sectors Of Madness Pt.1 2:09
2 Сектора Безумия Ч.2 - Sectors Of Madness Pt.2 5:53
3 Сложная Структура Холодного Пространства - Complex Structure Of A Cold Space 4:41
4 Социальная Поляризация - Social Polarization 4:54
5 Платформа - The Platform 4:27
6 Пустота Апрельских Волн - Vacuum Of The April's Waves 7:34
7 Радар С Прибывающим Ангелом - Radar With Arrival Angel 4:11
8 Внешний Наркотик - Outer Drug 4:04
9 К Развитию?! Ч.1 - To Evolution?! Pt.1 3:34
10 К Развитию?! Ч.2 - To Evolution?! Pt.2 7:28

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To Evolution!
progressive black metal
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More Hate Productions
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MHP 04-032
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