Thorns of the Carrion - Tragedy In Remembrance (3xCD) Digipak

death doom metal, Endless Desperation
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- Format : 3 Gold CDs, Compilation, Digipak in Slipcase. - Exclusive Limited Hand-Numbered edition - only 250 copies were made. - Available only during pre-order 25 March 2014 on 15 May 2014

1-1 The Abide Of The Undead Knights 2:19
Chapter I : "The Wllow Weeps For Me"
1-2 The Willow Weeps For Me Pt 1 6:38
1-3 The Willow Weeps For Me Pt 2 6:35
Chapter II : "Darkness In The Elegy Season"
1-4 The Darkness In The Elegy Season 10:50
1-5 The Bleeding Throne 7:06
1-6 Tears For The Raven Muse 12:10
Chapter III : "Live At Sydsy's Malones"
1-7 The Willow Weeps For Me Pt 1 7:08
1-8 Naomi's Waters 6:38
1-9 Lover's Melancholy 10:07
1-10 Orchids Upon Carrion Fields 8:15
Chapter IV : "The Scarlet Tapestry"
2-1 Cry The Everstill Dream 03:30
2-2 Tears For The Raven Muse 11:12
2-3 The Tragedy Of Melpomene 05:06
2-4 Bleak Thorn Laurels 06:01
2-5 The Drifting Snow 10:01
2-6 Beautiful Thorns To Caress The Girl 05:59
2-7 By The Brilliance Of Candlelight 04:14
2-8 Memories Forever Unadorned 18:10
2-9 The Ashen Embrace 08:41
Chapter V : "Eve Songs"
3-1 Naomi's Waters 6:03
3-2 Carmilla 4:55
3-3 Song For Lucretia 10:31
3-4 To Covet The Dancing Wind 4:51
3-5 Eve Of The Emerald Sun 8:12
Chapter VI : "The Story Of Leaves"
3-6 The Story Of The Leaves 8:08
Chapter VII : "The Shadow Masque Rehearsals"
3-7 Orchids Upon Carrion Fields 7:56
3-8 Lover's Melancholy 10:09
3-9 Ananias Cross 9:27
3-10 Lycidias 6:45

Thorns of the Carrion
Artist Country:
United States
Album Year:
Tragedy In Remembrance
death doom metal
Endless Desperation
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Release Year:
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