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Vein Of Hate - Dualist (CD)

technical death metal, NitroAtmosfericum / More Hate Productions / Rebirth The Metal, More Hate Productions
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NRL-053 / MHP15-141 n
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The debut full-length album by VEIN OF HATE (extreme death metal, Belarus). The material presented on the album is a result of 5 years of meticulous work – each note is put on its place and reflects the ideas of the musicians. VEIN OF HATE plays vigorous and versatile death metal sprinkled with groovy inserts against the background of cold industrial atmosphere created by synthetic electronic effects. Each song of the “Dualist” is unique and does not resemble the other album tracks. Rapid passages are abruptly interrupted by groovy mid-tempo brutal inserts; dynamic guitar solos and mighty growling of the vocalist keep busy even the most exacting audience. The song “Waverly Hills Sanatorium” is worthy of special mention: it narrates on the one of the most terrible places – the cradle of despair, fear and death. The lyrics of the album deal with the internal struggle of a person facing the most dramatic moments of life. It is about the situations when we realize that our prime enemy is hidden within ourselves. Must have for fans of such bands like DYING FETUS, DECAPITATED, ABORTED, FEAR FACTORY, GOJIRA.

1 Reaching To The God 5:13
2 Bloodwashed Being 4:29
3 Flawed Capital 4:05
4 Agonizing Globe 3:31
5 Verdict 3:41
6 Mass Defect 1:10
7 Waverly Hills Sanatorium 5:54
8 Day Of Reckoning 3:57
9 PsyDevastation 2.0 3:44
10 Internal Enemy 5:27

Vein Of Hate
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technical death metal
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NitroAtmosfericum / More Hate Productions / Rebirth The Metal
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NRL-053 / MHP15-141
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