CALLIOPHIS release "Liquid Darkness"

by Solitude Productions
CALLIOPHIS release "Liquid Darkness"

The third album by the German band refines the finding of the previous full-length work, in the best way demonstrating the professionalism and ability of the musicians to combine a dense clean sound with a technically perfect performance. This is doom death metal of the highest standard, cruel and loud, but not devoid of a share of atmosphere, and, most important, individuality and unique mood. Music for thoughtful listening, for a new experience of inner feelings complemented by a beautifully designed 16-page booklet for better dissolution within the majestic depths of "Liquid Darkness".

1 Liquid Darkness
2 Krakonoš
3 Rajōmon
4 Munk (Warm Heart)
5 The Art Of Shudder
6 Fratricide


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