MARE INFINITUM release third album "Cryosleep"

by Solitude Productions

The long-awaited third album of MARE INFINITUM, "Cryosleep", opens a new chapter of creativity for the band. Released seven years after the brilliant "Alien Monolith God", this new opus stays true to the well-recognized elements of their style, while at the same time diversifying their musical palette in exciting new ways.

The monumental, symphonic, and epic material is not only broad in mood, but also pushes the boundaries of doom death metal, presenting it as a truly dignified art. Bright and ambitious arrangements, magnificent vocals, and flawless musical performances come together to make "Cryosleep" a work that should one day be considered a landmark of the genre.

1. Your Final Bow
2. The Flight Of No Return
3. Event Horizon
4. Cryosleep
5. Celestial Escapist


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