WINE FROM TEARS released new album "I'm Fine"

by Solitude Productions

WINE FROM TEARS "I'm Fine" was supposed to be released four years ago when the band announced it, but a confluence of circumstances led to the fact that only now this album is completely ready for release. And, also, a confluence of circumstances led to the fact that Solitude Productions, still in a "frozen" state, is releasing this so-long awaited work. We have done this work so that the old fans of WINE FROM TEARS, who once supported the band during the recording of the album, and the new listeners, who are just opening the band, can enjoy the results of the long labors of the musicians.
WINE FROM TEARS still has not lost their energy and this work, at the joint of doom death metal and dark metal genres, filled with bright melodies and emotions, is ready to touch the souls and hearts of listeners.
A limited digipak has been prepared for all sponsors of the group, a small amount of this limited edition will also go on sale, and the regular edition will be available to everyone.

1. Whales Swim Up
2. Cotard's Delusion
3. The Point Of No Return
4. No Future
5. (R)evolution Anthem
6. My Heart Will Stop At Sunday
7. The Orphan
8. In Harmony With The Nature
9. Insignificant
10. All For The Sake Anna


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