DÉHÀ & CHRIS DALCIN release "Par Le Sang Et La Fin"

by Solitude Productions

The new album of the Belgian multi-instrumentalist musician Déhà, known for such projects as Slow, Clouds, Deos, God Eat God, Merda Mundi, Imber Luminis and many others. This time drummer Chris Dalcin (Czarina, Elusive Travel, Windbreed and others) from the USA took part in the recording.
«Par Le Sang Et La Fin» is one long track in 36 minutes, turning into complete madness. The musicians create a truly stunning piece in the style of funeral doom metal, inheriting the atmosphere of suicidal black metal. For those chosen ones who are not afraid to touch the madness and pass it through themselves CD is published in the form of a four-lane digipack.

1 Par Le Sang Et La Fin 36:41


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