SHATTERED SIGH released album "Through Dark Veils"

by Solitude Productions
SHATTERED SIGH released album "Through Dark Veils"

The second full-length album of the Spanish band Shattered Sigh is sustained in the best traditions of gothic doom death metal, delicious melodies, and dark mood. And the musicians do not forget about the atmosphere, enveloping into it a traditional combination of guitars, drums, and keyboards. Growls with pure male vocals are soaring over them. Shattered Sigh, having found its original sound, showed true to itself and the genre.
Album released as a four-page digipak with an eight-page booklet.

1. Without Memories
2. The Desert I've Created
3. Campfire Over My Grave
4. Isolated Travel Of Anguish
5. Grave For The Innocence
6. Gokotta
7. Last Damnation


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