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Darktrance - Beyond The Gates Of Insanity (CD)

dark metal / depressive black, BadMoodMan Music, BadMoodMan Music
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The next chapter of the Book of Apocalypses written by Deimos – the one and the only member of the project. "Beyond the Gates of Insanity" continues to submerge a listener to an insane world standing on the edge of a catastrophe. Seven tracks of gloom and despair as the traces of dense clot blood are fixed on a CD as a document of unique Darktrance style combining cold dark metal with desperate depressive black and menacing dark ambient. The world, in opposite to renovated Darktrance, has not become better. The Gates of Insanity are opened now!

1 Beyond The Gates Of Insanity 6:57
2 Halfdrained 7:32
3 Don't Want To Miss You 6:00
4 Dreams Are Hollow 4:34
5 Duskworld 4:23
6 Shadows Of Spirits 5:58
7 Alone 5:48

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Beyond The Gates Of Insanity
dark metal / depressive black
CD Album
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BadMoodMan Music
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BMM. 023-09
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Mtuk Metal Zine

The Ukraine has some fucking good stuff to offer. Okay, to some it’s just a funny place on a map somewhere near Russia, but they have given us Drudkh, Nocturnal Mortum and now you can add Munruthel (reviewed this month on these pages), Ego Depths and Darktrance. To coin a phrase, it’s all good! Now, at the start of the month a big, fat package landed on my doorstep, and packed with no less than eight CD’s from this Eastern European based label it felt rather like Christmas had come early! I spent the day listening to each of these albums once through in the background while I went about my usual daily business and while most of them were pleasurable on these ears it was this one that just leapt out at me.

‘Beyond The Gates Of Insanity’ instantly draws you in with its sinuous and hypnotic guitar melody, while the tortured vocals scrape at your insides. This track has despair and misery in abundance and a quick look at the booklet tells that the lyrics are every bit as despondent as they should be. There’s an apocalyptic vibe to this number especially with the way it breaks apart and is left open for the male baritone and crying infant to play out as though judgement day is nigh. ‘Halfdrained’ scrapes in and introduces us to some slow, tortured black metal which grinds down into a rather mysterious chorus where female vocals appear alongside the deathly growls. This one is slow and intense and the layers of beauty are weaved around a crushingly heavy core. The thick bass-line kicks out a fair bit of power and drums work up a hateful battery with crashing cymbals and fills of intensity; as the shoegazy guitars work their magic you can almost feel the bass closing in on you.

Now, this is a good album alright but the third track is an absolute stunner! This one slowly sweeps in with lush melancholic guitars and a bumbling bass line reaching the moment when vocals wail out; there’s a naturalness to them as they sound clear enough to understand the lyrics but still are a little distorted and there’s total desperation to them as they yell out ‘I Don’t Want To Miss You’ repeatedly during the chorus. The sorrowful guitars have me well and truly entranced, while the solos are intricately weaved within the mix. I could froth over this for the next five hundred words but to save further embarrassment I’ll simply say this song alone would be enough to grant this album a place in my top 20 of the year.

‘Dreams Are Hollow’ has a kind of irregular Gothic rhythm rattling around in it, and keeps up the standard of the previous track just nicely before the album takes on a much more ambient façade with ‘Duskworld.’ This seems an appropriate name actually, as it certainly brings to mind the night sky; its dark and dare I say peaceful, and the cosmic sounds border on the trippy. ‘Shadows And Spirits’ as the name suggests carries on that ambience although balances it out with heavier, rather deathly passages, before ‘Alone’ brings everything to a close. There’s something rather ominous about this, through the eeriness of the keyboard sounds and the hypnotic guitars that tip-toe along at snails pace. The ethereal female wails are rather mesmerising and while all is quiet and calm the foundations are built upon by crushing layers as the track draws to an end.

At 40 minutes, this isn’t too long either and it’s a lovely album to just lay down to listen to and just allow the music to draw you in to a dark trance. Great stuff!

Author: Luci Herbert
Metal Of Death

"Beyond the Gates of Insanity" è un viaggio nel buio e nella schizofrenia, ad opera del monicker russo Darktrance, portato avanti con l'ormai frequentissima formula della one man band.
E' un tunnel black ambient che si snoda tetro - senza le lungaggini e le ripetizioni spesso scambiate per atmosfera - lungo 7 capitoli nero pece, 7 tappe di tenebra tangibile e spettrale.

Davvero un disco ben riuscito, semplicemente ben fatto, che richiama a tratti, quelli più concretamente atmosferici, echi dei più noti Atrium Carceri, ma che per il lato black preferisce invece attingere a varie sfumature depressive, singolarmente associate a suoni potenti e nitidi, quasi heavy, affini a quelli usati dai tedeschi Dark Fortress (periodo Seànce).

Sicuramente lontano dagli stilemi classici del suono black nordeuropeo - sebbene nell'ambito del già noto - B.T.G.O.I. è un'uscita piacevolissima, che si fa notare, adatta a chi apprezza l'oscurità unita alla melodia.
Se a questo si aggiungerà in futuro un opportuno sviluppo, magari in senso noise e aumentando le sfumature più morbose e inquietanti delle già discrete divagazioni ambient, Darktrance costituirà sicuramente una realtà capace di generare un richiamo non indifferente.

Вечер добрый, дамы и господа, или даже так, доброй ночи! Извините, не могу сказать по другому, так как речь пойдет сегодня о музыке как нельзя удачно подходящей для спокойного, созерцательного прослушивания вечерком или ночью в удобном креслице (что я сейчас и делаю на пару с ноутбуком, на дворе 1 час ночи).

Итак, первой пластинкой из присланного промомпака доблестного лейбла Bad Moon Man Music (сублейбл Solitude Productions) , стал ванменбэнд из дружественной Украины под названием Darktrance. Так то! Ну ни как я не думал, что среди всех остальных пластинок промопака мое внимание в первую очередь привлечет этот грязно зеленый, мрачный кругляш… “вон оно как выходит Михалыч!“. Ну да ладно, обо всем по порядку.

Название коллектива Darktrance (как и оформление альбома), как нельзя лучше отражает суть музыки сочиненной и сыгранной Дмитрием Губским (ака Deimos), единственным музыкантом стоящим за этим проектом. Альбом с первых минут гипнотизирует трансовым, монотонным (в хорошем смысле слова) ритмом, сопровождаемым блэковыми гитарами и “правильным” слегка хрипловатым скримингом. Так как на альбоме всего 7 треков (золотая 41 минута!), то я решил разобрать каждый из них по отдельности, поверьте они того стоят. Поехали!

Мелодия “Beyond The Gates Of Insanity” начинает сходу, монотонно вдалбливать в вас всю простою мощь самосозерцательного текста на английском языке (жаль больше текстов в буклете нет). Ты медленно начинаешь поддаваться простому, но незаезженному мотиву, с удивлением отмечая наличие в треке интересного соляка, а так же различных сэмплов. Отличная “открывашка“!

Второй трек заставил меня всерьез задуматься, а что же все-таки я слушаю, что это за стиль? Среднетемповый блэковый трек сменила отличный придумованная песня “HalfDrained“, которая надо сказать обладает еще более погружающим свойством… эдакий дум сыгранный блэковыми инструментами. Помпезно и мощно! Один грустный проигрыш на гитаре, звучащий почти весь трек чего стоит! Браво Тезка!

Третья песня “Don’t Want To Miss You“, с первых нот, и особенно после появления чистого, слега дисторшнутого вокала, напомнила мне последнюю работу ирландцев из Primordial (читать об этой уникальной работе тут). Надрыв, боль, тоска, одиночество: вот какие эмоции сочатся из этого монументального полотна!

Четвертый трек “Dreams Are Hollow” резко возвращает нас на землю - отличнейший дет-блэкэковый боевичек в лучших традициях классических работ Норвежских коллег по цеху. Мелодия цепляет, рифы режут мясо, скриминг переходит в утробный гроул, что еще для счастья надо!

На пятом месте Дмитрий разместил даркэмбиентую интерлюдию “Duskworld“, удачно разделяющую альбом на две части и не дающую уху замылиться. Неплохая атмосферная работа.

В шестой песне “Shadows Of Spirits” автор опять ведет нас за собой в мрачные дет-думовые казематы, нагнетая жути всеми доступными ему способами. Мрачная, медленная и помпезная мелодия легко рассекается, зубодробильной ритмсекцией, как рассекает острый топор кусок теплого мяса!

Ну и завершает галерею мрачных металотрансовых работ одна из самых сильных работ на альбоме, песня под названием “Alone“. Страх одиночества, боль от пережитого и GOD знает, что еще, буквально рвутся из этого трека. От музыки так и прет первобытный кач и драйв! Эффект многократно усиливают клавиши, очень умело и к месту использованные.

Надо отдать должное Дмитрию, если верить буклету, то всю музыку, лирику на альбоме написал он сам, так же как и выполнил единолично запись, сведение и мастеринг альбома! Результат, я вам скажу, достоин всяческих похвал - звук именно такой, каким и должен быть, и не выхолощенный и не сырой, нечто среднее. Очень качественная работа, на 5 с +!

Чуть не забыл сказать, что обозреваемый мною альбом является вторым по счету творением Дмитрия. Ознакомление с дебютником, и особенно с его новыми работами уже стоит у меня в планах! Любители блэка и дума не пропустите, а от нашего скромного проекта пожелаю Автору творческих успехов и добро пожаловать к нам в Томск с концертом!

Author: SkY

Dark Trance is a one man band created by Dmitry Gubsky who does everything and its true that this guy is quite decent instrumentalist and programmer but this where this review might get a bit ugly. The band is primarily known as a black metal or dark metal band but the problem i had with this CD is he inserts different styles into the mix and for the most part it didn't work for me. When it works which is not very often in my opinion, it is pretty good. "Shadows Of Spirits" is evidence it can work in small doses, its a good mix of black meets doom metal but elsewhere things seem a little disjointed. At times it sounds like Cradle Of Filth, at other times Marilyn Manson and then at other times it sounds total black metal. There is some elements of doom thrown in but its so mixed up with other genres and influences, it sounds confused and it makes it hard to get into a vibe. The overall sound is a industrial version of black metal, not something i would normally listen to but i am not going to slag off this album just for that as i am sure a lot of people will get something out of this album. Highlights for me are the title track "Beyond The Gates Of Insanity", "Dreams Are Hollow" and the previously mentioned "Shadows Of Spirits", elsewhere the album left me cold and bored. I will say this though, this is a huge improvement over the previous album "Ghosts in the Shells" which i didn't like at all. That album was once described as "black metal for Hot Topic shoppers" and i think that was a fair description. There is a hell of a lot more depth in the songs on this album and the overall production and sound has made giant leaps forward but it still leaves me wanting more. Maybe its the programmed sounds but the computerized, industrial sounds just do it for me and never has but check it out for yourself. Like the old saying goes "If you don't have anything nice to say, don't say anything at all" and i am sticking to that on this one.

Author: ed

This is actually a one-man band from the Ukraine, Darktrance was started in 2007 and this is their second full-length album. Their debut full-length album "Ghosts in the Shells" was released in 2008. The music is sort of a combination of what Bethlehem started with their mid-nineties albums, a genre that sometimes is referred to as Dark Metal and what Dark Metal has evolved into over the last five years, what is usually know as Depressive Black Metal. To be blunt, a combination of Dark Metal and Depressive Black Metal with some Ambient and Industrial hints. The music is usually quite slow with a few mid-paced passages, driven by some cold and dark riffs with agonized vocals on top of everything. this is not bad, but somehow I just can not get into the music, it is well-written and I know what he wants with the music, but it dos not stick, it just goes in one ear and out the other. Not a bad album, but a bland album.

Review by: Mordant.
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