Mournful Gust - The Frankness Eve (CD)

gothic doom death, BadMoodMan Music, BadMoodMan Music
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Mournful Gust - a well known Ukrainian group come back with a new album after an eight-year break! The debut album was issued in 2000 on MC and has been rereleased on CD in 2005 by Soyuz/Metal Agen. Today the group comes back with the new material, combining such styles as: gothic metal, death/doom and elements of the European folk-music. The sated melodies are filled with parts of live flute. The voice of the vocalist (known from his work with Autumnia) transfers a rich palette of feelings and experiences, which have been put in pawn in the English-speaking lyrics, passing from clear singing, to growl. The addition of a 24 page booklet makes this disk a unique eye catcher with pit art.

1 A Pain To Rememeber 9:18
2 It's Our Own Tragedy 4:50
3 To Your Deceits...Again 4:49
4 From Illusions And Jealousy 8:39
5 The Cold Solitude 6:53
6 With Every Suffering 7:44
7 Honey For My Wounds 2:35
8 Recover Me In Sores 5:20

Mournful Gust
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The Frankness Eve
gothic doom death
CD Album
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BadMoodMan Music
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BMM. 011-08
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Doom/Death has to be done right, otherwise you're just playing Death Metal too slow and it's boring. Mournful Gust have such an overwrought name I was skeptical, but this album is like a lexicon on how to do it right. This Ukrainian band really knows what they are doing, and this is a feast for all fans of the style.

Heavy on the Doom, Mournful Gust are willing to do whatever it takes to depress you: achingly beautiful guitar harmonies, clean vocals, female singing, flutes, pianos or violins — whatever they have to do. That makes this album sound like a mess, but it isn't, it presents a powerful, unified sound. Some of these tunes are long, but all of them are surprisingly complex and even catchy. Every disparate element is where it needs to go to have a salutary effect on the composition, not a deleterious one. Harsh and clean vocals are used to create counterpoint and impact, heaviness is leavened by sharp melodies with each making the other more effective. In places this is surprisingly kickass, with faster riffs and rhythms than us usual for this kind of Doom.

I find this album just keeps getting cooler the more I spin it and the more closely I listen to it. I keep finding more good stuff to savor. The lyrics are a kind of incoherent word salad of mournful phrases, but I have to chalk that up to the language barrier, and that is a minor complaint, negligible really. What we have here is an album that is both sad and uplifting, complex, involving, and even hooky. It sounds at once progressive and in places almost medieval. A great Doom album that pretty much encapsulates what Doom/Death is supposed to be about. Do not miss it.

Author: Sargon the Terrible
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