Raventale - Давно Ушедших Дней (Long Passed Days) (CD)

depressive black / black doom, BadMoodMan Music, BadMoodMan Music
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New work from the talented Ukrainian depressive black metal band. This time Raventale demostrate us a transition to black doom side, still preserving their inimitable atmosphere and melodiousness. Combining fury and coldness of black metal with melancholic loneliness of doom metal, in addition with some elements of ambient, the band rises up on a new level of quality. The beautiful lyrics make the new album "Long Passed Days" more attractive for all lovers of the voluptuous side of black metal.

1 Скрежетом Боли (Ностальгия) 9:13
2 Давно Ушедших Дней 10:51
3 Ввысь Да За Горизонт (Both Like Birds) 3:27
4 Sunset Of The Age 8:25
5 Из Времени Черных Колодцев 7:11
6 Вдаль Уходящий Мой Силуэт 5:21

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Давно Ушедших Дней (Long Passed Days)
depressive black / black doom
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BadMoodMan Music
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BMM. 015-08
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Metal Soundscapes

This is the second album by this new Ukrainian band, after their debut “On A Crystal Swing” in 2006. Astaroth created this band in 2005 and he plays everything on Raventale, since it’s his personal project. In their debut the band had a black metal oriented sound, while this time the music changed a lot.

Black metal elements are still obvious, but many doom metal influences are also added. A slow heavy tempo is dominant in the whole album and sorrowful keyboards accompany the sad riffing of the guitars. There are only few vocals in the songs and most of them sound rather like spoken words, all in black metal style, but not very extreme. Lyrics deal about nature and epic themes and are performed in the Ukrainian language. The result is a very dark, atmospheric album that has at the same time a warm, epic mood. The orchestrations are actually very good, with a rich sound, helped by the excellent use of synths that sometimes sound very symphonic and majestic… On the other hand, guitars have a more simple “structure” moving on dark doom scales and rhythms. This work is based on emotions and feelings, created by simple, but beautiful melodies, resulting in a lonely depressing atmosphere. Raventale make also an interesting cover on Anathema’s “Sunset of the Age”, which sounds like one with the rest of the album!

“Long Passed Days” is a very well produced album, with dark epic compositions that might interest both fans of doom and epic black metal. Even though it is not a work that will offer something totally new and original, it has a certain quality and an unusual charm, which made it stay many days in my play-list. You can visit their official pages to listen to some of their songs and judge for yourselves.

Author: dimiarch
Darkcity 49/2009
Март\Апрель 2009

"Скрежетом Боли(Ностальгия)","давно Ушедших Дней", "Вдаль Уходящий Мой Силуэт" - все эти названия сразу дают понять, что перед нами отнюдь не хэппи-пауэр-альбомчик, а нечто более серьезное, глубокое. Raventale старается держатся в рамках депрессивного блэка, хотя иногда и перескакивает границу дума (наглядный пример тому - кавер Anathema "Sunset of The Age"); при этом по андеграундным меркам,саунд альбома весьма неплох и в должно мере помогает восприятию материала в целом. А что еще приятно - диск абсолютно не затянут, что желание переслушать его заново может возникнуть у вас довольно скоро.

Author: Ан.К.
Vibrations Of Doom Magazine/DOOM Radio

I most definitely love the mixture of doom and black metal. Bad Mood Man Music
is the label responsible for this masterpiece from the Ukraine, though B.M.M.
is really the side label of Solitude Productions out of Russia, who already has
a LONG list of great doom artists under their belts. This 6 track affair hits
all the right notes, utilizing very emotional and moving synth landscapes and
oftentimes very minimal one note riffs, but it all works to great effect. The
CD starts off with what is arguably the best track on the disc, in 'By Gritting
Of Pain.' The rain and storm sounds become a staple of the beginning and ending
of this disc. The vocals, however, seem to be a bit buried in the mix, and
oftentimes you'll hear a LOT more instrumentation than vocals (which leads me
to believe that this one man project prefers to let the music do most of the
talking). There's some beautiful guitar work to be found within, and sometimes
(like on 'Sunset Of The Age') you'll hear some acoustic guitar work factor into
the mix. On the vocal front, it's not your typical blackened shrieks, but at
times I think there's a bit of distortion added to the vocals. Many times you
will hear spoken word passages as well. There's a nice 3 minute instrumental on
this short disc, entitled 'Up And Beyond The Horizon,' which makes good use of
organ like notations alongside some nice ambient synth passages. It was nice to
hear some lead solos grace the disc, and they are utilized to great effect to
end the song 'Sunset Of The Age' lasting at well over 2 minutes in length. They
are crafted rather simplistically, however, but convey such emotion in every
note. The heavy guitar work is quite slow and doomy, but on this record there's
a lot more variety than you normally hear from most doom bands of this type,
which makes them definitely stand out. CD ending track 'My Silhouette Leaving
Far Away' opens with some nice piano notes before launching into the guitars,
though my main complaint comes with the harsh, grating electronic noises that
carry this disc through the end, though it's a short aggravation, finally
giving way to the familiar rain and storm sounds opening the disc. 'From The
Black Wells Of Time' features the most vocal interaction of any song on the
disc, but for the shortness of the album you get some emotionally crafted
doom/death of the highest caliber, and highly enjoyable from start to finish!
Their new album should be out by the time you read this, and we hope to hear
MUCH more from this amazing Ukranian outfit!
Diabolical Conquest

Raventale is yet another one man black metal band, but don't let that scare you off. Of Days Long Passed is pleasantly different than most of the other one man black metal albums by which I have been recently aurally assaulted. Much of that has to do with the vision and musical talents of Astaroth.

Of Days Long Passed is a decidedly musical black metal effort. The riffs are well-constructed, in the vein of early Drudkh or mid-period Burzum. Slow is the operative tempo, both in the droning guitars and pensive, understated drumming (I'm not sure if these are live drums, but their precision makes me believe they are programmed), save for a few sections of ambient blastbeats scattered throughout. Calling this blackened doom wouldn't be a stretch, but this is not the dolorous boring doom of Nortt or Persistence in Mourning; the keyboards see to that. Unlike much black metal and doom metal with keyboards, these are not overpowering or overbearing, and are not the focus of the songs. They are quiet and subdued providing Of Days Long Passed with a truly haunting yet stately atmosphere.

In many ways Raventale's style of black metal is my favorite. The tempos, pacing and atmosphere remind me of Hammerheart/Twilight of the Gods Bathory, but without the silly Viking trappings that ruin many modern pagan/Viking black metal albums. There is palpable sadness in these songs, "Up and Beyond the Horizon (Both like Birds)" is a three and a half minute wash of swelling keyboards and cold guitars (I know, "How can guitars be cold?" It's the cleaner, slightly industrial sound to these guitars, akin to Blut Aus Nord or Thorns) and despite being an instrumental it invokes the same feeling in me as "One Rode to Asa Bay."

Likewise impressive about Of Days Long Passed is that it's surprisingly heavy, and not just in its drear mood. Astaroth does an excellent job of layering the instruments to create a clear, full sound and in that layering manages to create the same atmosphere as Drudkh did on Forgotten Legends. This plays well as a companion piece to that aforementioned album (or really just about any Drudkh album) and it makes sense given Raventale's Ukrainian heritage. The nearly three minute solo that ends "Sunset of the Age" (an Anathema cover) is a beautiful lead of wailing, Arcturus-esque pyrotechnics, not something common to this subgenre of black metal and hearkens back to the days of the Second Wave where being musically adept was not a strike against a band and its "trueness."

Of Days Long Passed is a good album of blackened doom metal with a slight pagan bent. This fits nicely next to albums by Drudkh, Darkestrah and Peordh. While lacking the singular vision of those bands what Astaroth creates here holds up well to repeat listenings. It will be interesting to see what direction he takes with his next full length. I, for one, will be listening.

Author: The Meisenheimer

Tan depresivo como entrador me resultó éste trabajo de los ucranianos RAVENTALE; en realidad se puede hablar de banda haciendo la salvedad que estamos ante la presencia de un solo y único integrante.
Un tal ASTAROHT (rubio alto con cara de pocos amigos) es el encargado de componer las canciones para luego interpretar uno y cada uno de los instrumentos. ¿Será que el tipo no se banca a nadie o simplemente que quiere hacer todo él sin que nadie le rompa las pelotas? No lo sabemos, pero de lo que sí estoy seguro es que se las arregló más que bien para con éste trabajo.
Doom Metal con toques de Black es lo que nos entregan las composiciones que aquí se desparraman como lagrimas en un mar tan profundo como el dolor que provocan.
“Long Passed Days” nos salpica con su sincera y locuaz expresividad tanto como para convencernos de que más allá de que el estilo no es el más entrador, las canciones son las que valen a la hora de transmitir sentimientos.
Seis tracks son de la partida y como dijimos, en ellos, hay lugar casi predominante para la extremidad, pero también para el misticismo y la melancolía.
Las atmósferas que emanan de las canciones viven una lucha titánica con el desencanto y la frustración que éste ucraniano quiere transmitir; tal como si un choque de ideas tuviera lugar en el más denso de los climas.
Debo decirles que RAVENTALE superó mis expectativas en todo sentido y lejos quedó esa suerte de “juzgamiento presuroso” sobre la peculiar situación de que al frente de la banda un solo músico diga presente.
“Long Passed Days” no solo le gana a los prejuicios sino que es punta de lanza en esto de tener en cuenta a bandas que vienen de países tan lejanos y que tan poco conocemos en lo que respecta a música pesada.

Author: Gustavo Piccini

Я уже несколько десятков раз прослушал альбом Raventale «Давно ушедших дней». И все время, когда музыка переставала звучать, у меня не находилось ни одного слова для того, чтобы описать услышанное… Странно, ибо подобный эмоциональный ступор наступал вовсе не оттого, что диск пуст и безынтересен, а совсем даже наоборот. С первых же звуков «Скрежетом боли (Ностальгия)» я просто, словно в транс, погружался в таинственный мир музыки Raventale и растворялся в нем до конца последней композиции. А затем подлая тишина возвращала мой разум в обыденность и… мне нечего было сказать, я просто хотел обратно, туда… Послушайте этот альбом сами и, возможно, вы меня поймете. Вы услышите просто удивительной красоты меланхоличный блэк метал, напрочь лишенный при этом какой-либо агрессии. Здесь иной спектр эмоций: отрешенная от всего, тихая печаль, утрата смысла жизни либо же нахождение оного в угасании… Из плотной стены гитарного звука выплывают протяжные атмосферные соло, окутанные, подобно пелене осеннего дождя, мягкими клавишными пассажами. Ударные звучат неторопливо и в чем-то медитативно, а вокал варьируется от отстраненного монолога до «перегруженного» скрима. Кое-где улавливаются далекие отголоски ранних Katatonia и Anathema. На последних здесь имеется кавер (Sunset of the Age), удачно вписавшийся в общее полотно. Если не обращать внимания, так его можно и вовсе принять за композицию Raventale, настолько он гармоничен. Образы, образы… эта музыка рождает множество образов, окрашенных в серый, темно-зеленый и золотой цвета.. . И совершенно не хочется отвлекаться на различные технические моменты, как не хочется, любуясь картиной, думать о том, какую краску использовал художник.
Однозначная находка для мрачных романтиков, одиноких философов и просто любителей печально-красивой, атмосферной музыки.

Author: Esoteric
The Forgotten Scrol

Surprise was the main feeling that has covered me after I gave a few hearings to this CD, because for a reason still unexplained to me I found myself stuck into what I have just heard, asking for more. It could be mainly due to the atmospheric and depressive in a sweet way music I found trapped in there, music that with no doubt attracted me deeply.

It is basically the ambient keyboard themes that create the main basis of the music in here. The guitar themes in slow and mid tempos are presented under post Black Metal structures building beautiful esoteric melodies that will drive the listener to a private apocalypse after hearings and hearings of this album, an apocalypse that could be the bloom of the melancholic feelings that someone hides deep inside, but this depend on you.

This is music to be heard at those strange hours of the night when we have dived into its heart, approaching slowly the dawn.. still not full night… still not full dawn… if you understand my point. After all it was a perfect soundtrack for me during those strange hours.

Music is the key point in here, although the vocals are sound frozen enough, carrying a special way of semi whispering the lyrics, they culd not fit better to the final result.

If you once enjoyed the melancholic ambience of Buruzm’s albums then you will feel like home in here cause the music of Raventale is even more melodic, more “warm” to listener’s ears –no matter the frozen vocals haha- and carries less bitterness than Varg’s art. But still we can talk about a trip to melancholy that still carries enough Doom features under the slow guitar parts and the gloomy atmosphere of the music. To sum things up, here we got a mixture of Black Metal and Doom Metal, with some Epic references presented in a special way.

Well it seems that Astaroth the main man behind this band from Ukraine have managed to offer me a nice trip to sweet darkness. Hope the same for you as well.

Author: Countraven

Like Mournful Gust, Raventale hails from Ukraine. Unlike Mournful Gust, Raventale is a one man black doom project that’s limited by the constrictions of working individually. To me, that’s an advantage. And I think mastermind Astaroth would agree. That’s because lush sounds, folksy vibes, flutes and violins, gothic aura, arias and complicated arrangements repel me. Bounded by his musical reach Raventale bases its melodies around simple arrangements and sustained guitar notes, steady mid-to-slow tempo beats, grandfatherly black metal vocals, atmospheric keyboard work, and even a church organ. The result is a pretty nice mixture of baroque music, black metal and doom metal. Don’t be afraid by the ‘baroque’ part, Unlike most musicians who aspire to compose grand music Raventale makes it seem easy. Long Passed Days (2008) is the second effort of this talented man. Fans of Agalloch must check this out.

Welch ein Glück, dass wir im digitalen Zeitalter angekommen sind und DSL-Internetanschlüsse mittlerweile fast überall Gang und Gebe sind. Wäre das nicht so, könnte ich zu dem vorliegenden Album wohl kaum mehr sagen, als dass der Interpret RAVENTALE ist, das Albentitel und die Songs kyrillisch und somit für mich absolut kryptisch. Einzig "Sunset Of The Age", natürlich ein Cover von ANATHEMA zu TSE-Zeiten, hätte ich noch klar erkennen können. Ein kurzer Blick auf die Website des Labels klärt auf: Auf Englisch heißt das Album soviel wie "Long Passed Days". Kein wirklich ungewöhnlicher oder herausragend kreativer Titel für eine Doomscheibe.

RAVENTALE ist ein Ein-Mann-Projekt aus der Ukraine. Geboten wird auf "Long Passed Days" wirklich anständiger, nicht allzu heftiger Funeral Doom, mit einer starken Prise Black Metal. Natürlich hat auch RAVENTALE die üblichen Probleme, die Ein-Mann-Bands oft mit sich bringen: Das Drumming, natürlich programmiert, kann nicht auf voller Linie überzeugen. Bei dieser Art von Musik kann man sich mit einem Drum-PC allerdings noch einigermaßen anfreunden, die Sterilität und Monotonie passen teilweise sogar recht gut. Obwohl RAVENTALE sich in einem Genre bewegt, das atmosphärisch gerade davon lebt, durchaus auch mit Monotonie eine hohe atmosphärische Dichte und Wirkung zu erzielen, ist Astaroth, Protagonist des Projekts, durchaus bemüht, soweit das möglich ist, für Abwechslung zu sorgen. Das funktioniert insofern, als dass die Songs aufgehen und, wenn man sich von ihnen erst einmal mitnehmen lässt, keine Langeweile aufkommen lassen.
Die bedrückende, melancholische, schwere, zähflüssige, manchmal wütende, ab und an sogar erstickende Atmosphäre ist das A und O eines guten Doomalbums; gerade das gelingt auf "Long Passed Days" erfreulich gut. Das Drumming ist, wie gesagt, nicht weiter erwähnenswert, und auch die Vocals sind wirklich verbesserungswürdig. Astaroth orientiert sich am blackmetaltypischen Keifen, die Vocals sind allerdings merkwürdig in den Hintergrund gemischt, und ganz offenbar mit einem seltsamen Effekt versehen. Fast könnte man meinen, der Sänger würde in irgendeiner Holzkiste unter Verschluss gehalten, und zische ein wenig durch die raren Luftlöcher. Allerdings, und das ist, denke ich, das wichtigste: Die Gitarrenarbeit kann auf voller Linie überzeugen. Atmosphärisch absolut dicht, mitreißend und auf angenehme Art und Weise nicht eintönig. Seien es hymnische Riffs, die sich minutenlang ziehen, seien es fast aggressive Ausbrüche, seien es melancholische Soli, die mit ihren Melodien fesseln. Unterstützt werden die Gitarren von Synthesizerklängen, die oft zweckdienlich sind, das Ganze nur manchmal etwas überladen.
Einzig auf das ANATHEMAcover möchte ich nicht detailliert eingehen. Das ist zwar als Song für sich wirklich gelungen, aber den Vergleich, den RAVENTALE für mich nur auf voller Linie verlieren kann, möchte ich nicht ziehen; die Briten spielen und spielten ganz einfach in einer anderen Liga.

Zwar ist das, was "Long Passed Days" liefert, nicht revolutionär und auch nichts neues, wer allerdings auf gutgemachten, atmosphärischen Doom steht, der dürfte an diesem für mich überraschend guten Album seine Freude haben. Ist ja nicht das erste Mal, dass Solitude Productions (in dem Falle BadMoodMan Music) eine kleine Perle ausgegraben hat.

Author: Olvido

RAVENTALE (cóż za urocza, bajkowa nazwia!) przygotował drugą płytę zatytułowną „Davno Ushedshikh Dney” (w angielskim tłumaczeniu: „Long Passed Days”). Zgromadzoną nań muzykę ogólnie najłatwiej przypisać do melodyjnego dark metalu, a analizując jej poszczególne elementy można też wyróżnić trochę blackowe gitary, doomowe wyciszenia i cały klimat w tym stylu czy też progresywne pierwiastki. Właśnie takie płynne ramy ma twórczość tego ukraińskiego projektu. Nie ma jednak na albumie „Davno Ushedshikh Dney” żadnego przepychu kompozycyjnego, aranżacyjnego. Wręcz odwrotnie, utwory są trochę monotonne w swoich średnio-wolnych tempach i smutnych melodiach. Płyta toczy się w stonowanej, nieco rozmymłanej (tj. rozmarzonej:-)), uspokajającej, ale zarazem depresyjnej atmosferze. Obecne są na niej klawisze, a np. w coverze ANATHEMY: „Sunset Of The Age” pobrzmiewa trochę akustyków. Najsłabszym ogniwem RAVENTALE jest wokal. Z jednej strony jest go na krążku niewiele (przeważają fragmenty instrumentalne), a z drugiej są to niewyraźne, tłumione, blackowe pomruki, takie skomlące screamy, tudzież romantyczne szepty jak te w „My Silhouette Leaving Far Awal”. „Davno Ushedshikh Dney” to nie najgorsza pozycja skierowana do określonego grona odbiorców - takich, którzy lubią się dołować przy black/doom metalu.

Author: Kasia
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