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The Morningside - TreeLogia (The Album As It Is Not) (CD) Digipak

melancholic dark metal, BadMoodMan Music, BadMoodMan Music
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New extraordinary work from a famous melancholic metal band from Moscow, The Morningside. As we were told by band members the idea of this release appeared quite a long time ago as the story behind “The Trees” song was longer than the song and now it has its final. TreeLogia was step by step gaining its present form and finally appeared as a tale. The listener could make a decision himself if this is a story of a man lost among the trees and permanently became one of them or a stort of man fleeing from something, perhaps, his past, who found the harmony or loneliness or… gone insane. Or is it a very different story? One of band member considers The Trees Part Three as a chronologic beginning of the story, not a final. The second album title “The Album As It Is Not” also has some idea behind it as there is actually only one song at the album, despite of its diversity. Thus, The Morningside are ready to present their first CD-single which lasts for more that 50 minutes! The CD is issued as a limited digipack including an inlay with band photo, individual copy number, and original signatures of band members.

1 The Trees Part One 12:38
2 The Trees Part Two 13:02
The Trees Part Three – TreeLogia 21:28
3a TreeLogia Part One - Return 7:45
3b TreeLogia Part Two - Burned 3:05
3c TreeLogia Part Three - Going Away 10:46

The Morningside
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TreeLogia (The Album As It Is Not)
melancholic dark metal
CD Album
BadMoodMan Music
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BMM. 044-11
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Heavy Music

Не зря этот EP московской группы The Morningside назван "Трилогия". На диске представлены три песни, или, я бы сказал, три довольно длительных по времени монолитных куска.

Первый начинается звуками дождя, а позже к этим семплам присоединяется печальный эмбиентный проигрыш. Позже те самые звуки дождя появляются снова, но на этот раз уже в сопровождении гитарной мелодии, в скором времени перерастающей в полноценный музыкальный трек. Сам трек звучит достаточно красиво, что вполне свойственно качественному дум-дэзу, так же очень органично в нём сочетаются различные вставки, проигрыши и сэмплы. Вокал плюётся ядом и заставляет сосредотачивать своё внимание, расслушивая слова

Второй начинается с пронзительной гитарной мелодии, звучащей чень уверенно и в то же время тревожно, вокал не менее напорист и силён и вместе они сочетаются прекрасно. А барабаны только поддерживают ритм и нагнетают обстановку- эта песня уж точно не даст расслабиться, ведь слушая её, не покидает ощущение, что всё самое интересное там, впереди.

Третий начинается со звуков горящего костра и продолжается эмбиентым проигрышем, как и на первом. Но здесь его дополняет ритмично пульсирующий звук барабана, а так же гитары, очень приятно жужжащие на всём его протяжении. Так же не стоит забывать об ударных вкупе с акустическими проигрышами, сопровождающими эту композицию и только добавляющими ей пикантности и изящности звучания. Под конец песни, сливаясь в эдакое благозвучие из всех семплов и инструментов, которые были использованы в записи всех трёх треков, заканчивается всё это опять дождём и эмбиентом.

Послушать этот мини-альбом рекомендую всем, кто хотя бы немного ценит атмосферу и красоту в музыке.

Author: Grimmsberg

The Morningside seem to be the Wolves In The Throne Room of melodic death/doom metal. TreeLogia (The Album As It Is Not) sees three nature-themed/influenced songs total in at over 45 minutes, including a four minute somber intro coupled with the sounds of rainfall before a melodic, melancholic guitar line introduces the music proper. The album is one prolonged piece divvied up into three songs, conveniently titled "The Trees Part One", "The Trees Part Two", and, you probably guessed it, "The Trees Part Three: TreeLogia".

TreeLogia (The Album I As I See It And Will Describe Whilst Practicing Alliteration) marries mostly melancholic moods against majestic melodies.

The prolonged songs go through different phases as they plod along. The tracks are pretty much driven by slightly sorrowful melodic guitar leads, which are oft accompanied by subdued symphonic support and nature noises. At times they all coalesce and swell into majestic crescendos (well, as much as largely sparse, slow-paced, and sad music can crescendo), and at other points it all just drops away leaving just the stark, naked guitar line to carry the song. The growled/rasped/deathified vocals are perhaps the only particularly edgy aspect of the album.

The three songs are, as labeled, pretty much just one prolonged piece separated out into three tracks. It could just as easily be six or seven with all the various build ups and sonic recessions to near silence in the longer pieces. The nature of the songs makes them a bit ethereal. When reflecting on the album, I don't really recall songs or even segments of songs, but rather just the general mood that the pieces inspired. But I guess with this sort of music, the ability to convey a mood is perhaps more important than imprinting a cool riff.

All in all I found this an enjoyable, if not memorable listen and is definitely worth checking out if you like the concept of nature-fueled melodic death-doom.

Author: BitterCOld
Scream Magazine

Snodig tittel, ikke sant? Det er kanskje på sin plass å forklare hva som ligger til grunn for at tittelen ble slik den ble her. I 2007 ga The Morningside ut et album med tittelen “The Wind, The Trees And The Shadow Of The Past”. Et av sporene het “The Trees”, og bandet fant senere ut at historien som ble fortalt der var i snaueste laget, så man bestemte seg dermed for å lage et helt album rundt det temaet som først ble tatt opp der. Albumet inneholder tre komposisjoner, altså en tre-logi, eller trilogi om du vil. Og siden alt går i ett, som om det hele hadde vært en eneste lang låt, blir det dermed en single, og (i hvert fall i deres skrudde sinn) ikke et album, selv om herligheten varer i nesten femti minutter. Puh! Hva med musikken? Jo da, den er her den, i ganske så fin form også, hvis du foretrekker majestetisk og episk doom/death, strukket ut over tre lange spor og med utagerende instrumentalarbeid. Veldig bra.

Author: Bjørn Nørsterud
Metal Review

Now here's an interesting little something that's perfect if feeling the cold breeze and watching the leaves die excites you. The Morningside is often referred to as "Moscow's Agalloch" for obvious aesthetical reasons, but with the release of the new EP TreeLogia (The Album As It Is Not), one gets the sense that the band is ready to stake its own claim in the nature-affiliated corners of metal. TreeLogia, which notably has a longer playing time than a lot of full-length albums, offers three variations of a track off the band's debut album entitled "The Trees." (Hopefully this knowledge will lower thoughts that the band was pretentious in naming the album.) Although it's right to assume an EP of this nature isn't the most logical starting point, that's not entirely true in this case. Yes, The Wind, The Trees And The Shadows Of The Past is still The Morningside's best work to date, but TreeLogia brings some new heartfelt elements to the table.

Although the aformentioned Agalloch and Katatonia are easy comparisons, TreeLogia really sounds more like a mixture of Burzum albums than anything else at first. Not to go overboard with referencing other bands, but it's a bit difficult to think of anything else but "The Crying Orc" as the opening riff repeats constantly throught the album. The Morningside also seems to really love lengthy intros, outros and atmospheric, synth-ladened interludes. It may not be easy to apprecate at first, but it pays off for the listener to be in the proper setting when listening to this album. Guitarists Igor Nikitin and Sergey Chelyadinov are easily the band's strongest asset, as their melodies do an even better job creating a meloncholic vibe than the keyboard itself. The basslines and tattering cymbals provide an additional moody backdrop that will gently yet constantly tug at the listener's heartstrings.

The first two parts of TreeLogia are each around thirteen minutes in length and feel like brother and sister. Both showcase all of the band's assets quite well, as the band's obvious growth is a bit easier to mark given that the songs are variations of an older song. The third song, however, is over twenty minutes and has three parts of its own. If echoing guitar melodies and a lite drone finish don't cry out "Bloodbirds!" then I don't know what does, but somehow The Morningside manages to keep its originality flowing throughout the remainder of the record. TreeLogia (The Album As It Is Not) is far from essential, but it stands as a worthy effort in what remains an untainted discography thus far. If you love music that is best listened to in a dreary climate, you should definitely keep a sharp eye open for these guys.

Author: Konrad Kantor

Il numero tre ricorre coerentemente nella storia dei doomsters russi The Morningside. TreeLogia è infatti il titolo scelto per il loro terzo album da studio, contenente solo tre tracce (in realtà definibili suite per lunghezza, arrangiamento ed inserimenti melodici) per una durata complessiva di cinquanta minuti. Dopo The Wind, The Trees And The Shadows Of The Past (2007) e Moving Crosscurrent Of Time (2009) si è effettivamente creata una certa attenzione nei confronti della band, il cui nucleo stilistico/ispirativo sembra essere lo stesso da cui attingono gli statunitensi Agalloch che, per dovere di cronaca, è giusto sottolineare come un po' più famosi dei The Morningside.

Ma se gli Agalloch hanno dalla loro una comunione quasi ancestrale con oscurità, occulto, e anche tanto, tanto paganesimo, i The Morningside sono artisticamente più “evanescenti”: abitano infatti dimensioni che attraversano con eleganza il doom, l’ambient, l’atmospheric, mantenendo una determinata impronta stilistica creata sin dal primo album, ancora fortemente solcato dalle impronte di Cathedral, My Dying Bride, gli onnipresenti Katatonia e quasi non rinnegando rimandi persino ai dischi solista di Brian Wilson (mi riferisco a Insurgentes, in particolaree). Possibili riferimenti agli Opeth possono essere confermati dalla presenza, soprattutto nella prima traccia, di atmosfere che condividono molto con Blackwater Park.

Eppure in TreeLogia c’è qualcosa di più, se consideriamo i tre brani in un’ottica più avanguardistica: ciascuno di loro, infatti, si sviluppa come una suite, ma è innegabile che l’arrangiamento proposto da Egorychev, Sergeev, Nikitin e Chelyadinov sia abbondamente indirizzato alla creazione di suggestioni sonore quasi come venivano intense da Klaus Schulze, famigerato tastierista dei Tangerne Dream e degli Ash-Ra Temple, senza contare le innumerevoli collaborazioni da lui sostenute. Se prendiamo come termine di paragone un album come Timewind (1975), notiamo alcune evidenti assonanze, come il mancato ricorso a bruschi cambi di tonalità, ma la tendenza, al contrario, verso uno scivolamento quasi onirico da una tonalità all’altra, accompagnato da interessanti intrecci di chitarre ad opera di Sergeev e Chelyadinov, senza trascurare l’abilità di Egorychev nel tessere linee vocali (e di basso) decisamente soffuse, se lo screaming può assumere (ossimoricamente) questa caratteristica.

I tre pezzi di TreeLogia paiono incastrarsi perfettamente all’interno di un delicato sistema di scatole cinesi, e questa peculiarità è, tuttavia, sia l’asso nella manica sia il tallone d’Achille di questo quartetto: ciò che suona bene alle orecchie spesso è certo melodico, ma anche noioso, a tratti., e TreeLogia pecca (anche basandosi sulla lunga durata dei brani) di soluzioni ripetute, strascichi di qualcosa di già ascoltato, seppur ottimamente registrato.

Non spiazza TreeLogia; si fa apprezzare ma non incide la memoria.

Author: Lynda Giacomello "Sangre De Lyn"

Bad Mood Man is een sublabel van het Russische Solitude Productions. Ik kwam in aanraking met dit label door de recensie van collega Jan van het debuut van dit eveneens Russische The Morningside. De krachtige melodieuze death doom die deze heren produceren gaf mij interesse in één van de weinige labels die me nog nooit heeft teleurgesteld. Nu verschijnt er een nieuw werk van The Morningside. Wat lengte betreft een full-length, maar zoals de subtitel, The Album, As it is Not, al zegt is dat niet precies wat we hier in handen hebben.

Het op het debuut verschenen nummer The Trees bleek een inspiratiebron voor The Morningside. De rek was er nog niet uit en de band besloot om het concept uit te breiden met nog twee nummers met hetzelfde thema en onderwerp. Het resultaat: Treelogica (The Album As it is Not).

Het plaatje opent met een heropname van The Trees. Het eerste wat opvalt is de productie. Die is namelijk een stuk organischer geworden in vergelijking tot voorgaand The Morningside-werk. Vooral de drums zijn in positieve zin subtieler in de mix gezet. Dit maakt het nummer 'nog' fijner om naar te luisteren. De volgende twee delen van het concept zijn een fijne toevoeging aan het oeuvre van de band en vervolgen het verhaal van een man die een bos in vlucht om zich te verwijderen van zijn verleden. Uiteindelijk wordt hij één van de bomen.

Deze 'EP', of zoals de band zelf zegt: "cd single van meer dan vijftig minuten," is een absolute aanrader voor mensen die voorgaand werk van de band of andere bands uit de Solitude-stal weten te waarderen.

Author: Willem van Tuijl
Silas Likes Music

Metal has pretty much reached the entire globe, but it seems that we in America tend to only focus, with a few exceptions, on the American, English and Scandinavian bands. I think we forget that there are scores of bands from Eastern Europe. One country that has been putting out some excellent releases lately isRussia.

Moscow’s own The Morningside’s recent album, “Treelogia (The Album as It is Not)” is a great release. The band calls its music “Melancholic Metal,” which is actually a good description as atmospherically, there is a depressive quality to the music and while I’ve never been to Moscow, the music matches the images that have been put in my head by movies: Cold. Overcast. Gloomy. Yet somehow it’s beautiful with a sense of hopefulness.

The album consist of one song, broken up into three parts and per the press release, it either tells the story of a man who was lost amongst the trees and permanently became one of them or the story of a of man fleeing from something, perhaps, his past, who found harmony or loneliness or insanity among the trees. Regardless of what story it is telling, it’s a powerful and moving work of art.

Apparently the albums subtitle, “The Album as It is Not” is referring to the fact that this album is more like a single as it its really only 1 song, however at 50+ minutes its longer than many actual albums out there.

Author: silentium1
Stereo Inviders

Dopo due album, ecco arrivare una nuova fatica targata The Morningside, band russa che non si risparmia, con ben quarantasette minuti per tre tracce, brani monolitici ed intrisi di emotività. Forse qualcuno storcerà il naso per la durata delle songs, ma di fronte ad una tale quantità di suoni, è difficile rimanere indifferenti, soprattutto se siete degli adepti del filone. Parliamo di Doom/Death Metal, con striature melodiche e richiami a My Dying Bride e Katatonia. Le escursioni ad altri generi ci sono però, così che assaporiamo vaghi richiami al Post Rock ed al Progressive dei più corrucciati Opeth. Sviluppi lenti, tempi dilatati che non danno punti di riferimento, facendoci galleggiare in un nero lago che specchia i nostri più intimi turbamenti. Niente di sconvolgente o innovativo, ma le atmosfere ed i pezzi sono pregevoli, sia dal punto di vista tecnico che per le idee messe in campo. Nonostante la lunghezza corposa delle tre tracce, riusciamo a godere a pieno e fluentemente delle melodie intessute con così tanta parsimonia. Vedremo se il tempo donerà loro un po’ più di personalità, consci che comunque il tutto è estremamente godibile per i più avvezzi e meno esigenti, dal punto di vista della creatività messa in campo.

Author: Thiess
Funeral Wedding

Quando recebi esse material juro que fiquei sem entender o que se passava, pois trata-se sobre uma “trilogia” que envolve a faixa The Trees que figurou em seu debut.
Novamente coloquei o disco no playlist e novamente abri o press-relesse e aí sim caiu a ficha sobre esse material.
Os caras resolveram lançar esse mini-álbum baseado na faixa The Trees, onde não somente re-gravaram para esse material como inseriram alguns elementos deixando a faixa até um pouco maior do que a versão original.
E que diabos seria a Part Two e Part Three (TreeLogia) afinal??
Segundo a banda, a música The Trees era tão boa que lhe faltava uma continuidade, e então resolveram escrever algumas peças dando um desdobramento maior para ela.
Segue um trecho do press-release: “TreeLogia surgiu passo a passo, ganhando sua forma atual e finalmente apareceu como um conto. O ouvinte pode tomar uma decisão se este material é uma história de um homem perdido entre as árvores e permanente tornou-se uma delas, ou uma história de um homem fugindo de algo, talvez, o seu passado, e o encontraram em harmonia ou na solidão ou até mesmo… enlouquecido.”
Agora musicalmente falando, encontramos nesse mini-álbum canções de excelente bom gosto por vezes pesado e por muitas vezes melódico e atmosférico. Na faixa que encerra esse play temos algumas passagens acústicas em meio a guitarras e bateria, e outras que me lembraram o Burzum da época do Filosofem.
Preciso dizer mais sobre a sua obrigatoriedade de ir atrás desse mini-álbum???
Apenas coloquem pra rodar no player, fechem os olhos e sinta seu espirito saindo de seu corpo e indo de encontro a natureza.
Kaos Guards

Il est difficile de dire si “Treelogia” est à proprement parler le troisième album des Russes de THE MORNINGSIDE ou bien un long (47 minutes) EP.

Peu importe en fait car il s’agit d’un véritable projet, ambitieux et dûment travaillé par le groupe. Au départ, il y a une composition et une histoire, celle d’un homme qui, à force de demeurer parmi les arbres, en devient un (des interprétations symboliques ou métaphoriques sont possibles d’après le groupe). Au fil du temps, le groupe aboutit à trois parties : deux d’une durée d’un peu moins d’un quart d’heure, la troisième de plus de vingt minutes. Mais ce séquençage importe peu tant l’écoute de « Treelogia » ne se conçoit que d’affilée, d’une longue traite (pour quoi l’ose).

L’auditeur doit accepter de se couler dans cette énorme séquence de Doom mélancolique et mélodique, lent et majestueux, tour à tour contemplatif et lourd, lyrique et sombre. Le chant opte pour des vocaux raisonnablement Death, avec parfois des accents Black haineux.

L’ensemble est cohérent, les différences entre les trois parties étant somme toute peu marquées. L’interprétation et la production tiennent la route. Pourtant, on n’est pas forcément complètement convaincu, notamment parce que la plupart des idées retenues et développées sur la longueur ne sont pas forcément assez personnelles, en tout cas inédites. Peu davantage de contraste au sein de ces longues pièces aurait contribué à relancer l’attention par moment. Il n’empêche qu’il s’agit là d’une oeuvre sérieuse et crédible.

Author: Alain Lavanne
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