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death doom metal, Solitude Productions
A traditional collection of singles and EPs released to celebrate the 13th anniversary of the Solitude Productions label. Like the previous one (Solitude Vaults: 10 Years Of Doom), this collection also contains four previously unreleased on a CD records, which managed to get a lot of positive feedback. The artwork continues the style typical for our split releases. The CD includes following singles and EPs released on Solitude Digital:
SD. 009-18 Postmortal “Soil” (Originally released as Digital EP on 27.04.2018)
SD. 008-17 Sorrowful Land “Where The Sullen Waters Flow” (Originally released as Digital EP on 15.12.2017)
SD. 007-17 Fvneral Fvkk “The Lecherous Liturgies” (Originally released as Digital EP on 07.07.2017)
SD. 006-16 Luna “Ceremony” (Originally released as Digital Single on 01.09.2016)
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death doom metal, Solitude Productions
Exclusive compilation issued to celebrate 10th anniversary of Solitude Productions. Contains tracks from Enth “Enth” 12” EP and digital only tracks from Luna «There Is No Tomorrow Gone Beyond Sorrow Under A Sheltering Mask», Embrace Of Silence «Last Winter» и Edenian «Forgotten Once». Limited Edition 500 copies.
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