Neurosis - A Sun That Never Sets (DVD) DVD Box

sludge metal, Relapse Records / Release Entertainment
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Standard DVD case with 12-page booklet [Booklet] Recorded at Electrical Audio Recording, Chicago DVD Mastered at EP Visual All songs published by Neurot Music © 2001 , ASCAP Tribes of Neurot A RESONANT SUN is a sonic document of an experiment conducted by Tribes of Neurot [...] The process was inspired by [a=Alvin Lucier] [This involved recording something, playing it into a room, recording this performance with a second tape, then playing the second tape and recording this new performance with the first, repeating this process a number of times.] TRIBES OF NEUROT utilizes this same process with the entire A Sun That Never Sets CD. The CD was copied onto tape and played in a room through a stereo pair of amplified speakers and recorded onto a second tape machine. The recycling process created by Lucier was repeated 30 times. [...] The results were then edited into this final form with the intention of recreating for the listener the sonic transformation of the album. Each track presented here represents a specific repetition of the process in a linear order. [...] The accompanying visual art for this portion of the DVD was improvised after completioin of the edit. [Back] • Contains videos for every song on [r=367149]! • Features an entire unreleased album by NEUROSIS' alter-ego TRIBES OF NEUROT as well as complete visual enhancement. NTSC REGION 0 ℗&©2002 Relapse Records, Inc.

A Sun That Never Sets
1 Erode 1:52
2 The Tide 8:47
3 From The Hill 9:27
4 A Sun That Never Sets 5:01
5 Falling Unknown 13:11
6 From Where Its Root Run 3:44
7 Crawl Back In 6:51
8 Watchfire 8:29
9 Resound 1:28
10 Stones From The Sky 9:58
A Resonant Sun
11 Erode (2 Repetitions) 1:59
12 The Tide (3 Repetitions) 8:35
13 From The Hill (4 Repetitions) 9:51
14 A Sun That Never Sets (6 Repetitions) 5:07
15 Falling Unknown (8 Repetitions) 13:04
16 From Where Its Roots Run (10 Repetitions) 3:43
17 Crawl Back In (12 Repetitions) 7:21
18 Watchfire (15 Repetitions) 0:30
19 Resound (20 Repetitions) 11:44
20 Stones From The Sky (30 Repetitions) 8:28

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United States
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A Sun That Never Sets
sludge metal
DVD Video
Relapse Records / Release Entertainment
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RR 6496-9 / RR 6496-9
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