Aborted Fetus - Dark Legions Of Apocalypse (CD+DVD)

brutal death metal, More Hate Productions / Фоно, More Hate Productions
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Russian brutal death metal veterans from Perm decided to make a present to their fans and put together the best stuff of the band over the past 19 years. This compilation includes 27 killer songs taken from 5 albums released so far. The arsenal of the band is also presented by extra DVD with two live shows: a 17-track set performed in Ekaterinburg (2015) and a multi-camera 11-track set performed in Perm – the hometown of ABORTED FETUS – back in 2012. The DVD also includes a gift set of 5 official promo videos taken from different albums: Nailed To The Cross, Blinded By The Flame, Private Judgment Day, Aquarium With Dead Souls and Autofagus. This retrospective release will take you on a journey through history of the band – follow the path travelled by ABORTED FETUS to date. This CD is sure to impress the fans of brutal death metal with songs performed in the best traditions of the genre. Standard double jewel case with 8-page booklet.

1-1 The Wind Of Agonizing Spirits
1-2 Drenched Eyes Of Boiling Oil
1-3 Nailed To The Cross
1-4 Cradle Of Revulsion
1-5 Cold Lake Of The Sinner
1-6 Roasted Alive In The Copper Bull's Stomach
1-7 The Art Of Pain
1-8 Boiled Alive
1-9 Hanged On The Hook By The Rib
1-10 Blinded By The Flame
1-11 Burning At Stake
1-12 Impalement
1-13 Savage Dominance
1-14 Necropolis Demography
1-15 Garden Of Kidney Stones
1-16 Private Judgment Day
1-17 Guinea Pig
1-18 Handicraft Trepanation
1-19 Hominal Repair
1-20 Into My Flesh (Pot)
1-21 Goresoaked Clinical Accident
1-22 Cutting Memories
1-23 Mental Personality Disorder
1-24 Aquarium With Dead Souls
1-25 Corp(se)oration Of Gluttony
1-26 Post Mortal Hymenoplastic
1-27 Unleashed Psychoanalysis
2-1 Live in Ekaterinburg 2015
2-2 Live in Perm 2012
2-3 Nailed To The Cross (Music Video)
2-4 Blinded By The Flame (Music Video)
2-5 Private Judgment Day (Music Video)
2-6 Aquarium With Dead Souls (Music Video)
2-7 Autofagus (Music Video)

Aborted Fetus
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Dark Legions Of Apocalypse
brutal death metal
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More Hate Productions / Фоно
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MHP 19-322
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