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Ancient Spheres - In Conspiracy With The Night (CD)

black metal, More Hate Productions / Satanath, More Hate Productions
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The second album by the black metal band from Costa Rica. While listening to this album you can feel yourself walking through the dark forest in the soupy dank night full of such emotions like fear, hate and slakeless vengeance. The main idea of the album is the development of spiritual identity, the denial of imposed religious dogmas and concepts. The band plays high quality technical black metal with a large number of thrash metal inserts performed and recorded in an old school manner of late 80s – early 90s. The music of ANCIENT SPHERES is influenced by another Latin American band INQUISITION. The release includes 4 re-recorded tracks from the early days of the band with new vocal lines. Total length: 77 minutes.

1 Enchantment Of The Night
2 Invoking Darkness
3 A Tale Told Two Thousand Times
4 Ethereal
5 Emperors Of The Night
6 The Sign
7 My Ancient Spirits
8 Slaughters
9 The Old Forest
10 Cold And Dead Stone
11 In Solitude I Die
Remastered Bonus Tracks
12 Lord Of The Morbid Ritual
13 Chaos Compass
14 Serkes
15 Sands Of Oblivion

Ancient Spheres
Artist Country:
Costa Rica
Album Year:
In Conspiracy With The Night
black metal
CD Album
Jewel Case
More Hate Productions / Satanath
Cat Num:
MHP 15-158 / SAT127
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