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Cerebrium - When I Am Dead (CD)

black / doom metal, More Hate Productions, More Hate Productions
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The debut album by CEREBRIUM (Rybinsk) draws listeners into the depth of bleak and dismal depressive dark metal from the very beginning and awakes not always pleasant feelings and memories – terror, death anxiety, various phobias, hysterias and mental disorders. Music set to the most tenebrous and sorrowful lyrics about death and futility of life written by classics of foreign poetry – Thomas Hardy, Christina Rossetti, Robert Herrick, Wilfred Owen and others – is a high quality performed and recorded combination of hysteric intense black metal and melancholic suicidal metal in keeping with the best traditions of such masters of the genre as Bethlehem. Black metal screaming vocals prevail on the album, however the vocalist Morok is not a stranger to clean singing. Besides, the album features extreme female guest vocals performed by Morgana – the front-woman of a horror-gothic band Morguenstern. Her unique voice made the atmosphere of the album even more oppressive and morbid. Strange and scary monochromatic artwork of the booklet contributes to the image of this original, authentic and potent material.

1 The Dead Man Walking
2 My Last Breath
3 Song [When I Am Dead]
4 In Tenebris
5 The Hag
6 To Life
7 Dark Floods
8 The Unreturning

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When I Am Dead
black / doom metal
CD Album
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More Hate Productions
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MHP 15-146
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