Intaglio - Инталия (Intaglio) (CD)

depressive funeral doom metal, Solitude Productions, Solitude Productions
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Conceptual album "Intaglio", is a fruit of imagination of musicians from bands "S.C.A.L.P". and "Yachur", it is filled with a unique, depressive atmosphere of cold and gloom, developing the best funeral doom in its genre (Evoken, Mournful Congregation), following the traditions. CD contains the eight-page booklet with photos and texts. "Intaglio" - is the first Russian funeral band which has been officially issued!

I Начало = The Beginning 3:22
II Темно-Вишневый День = Dark Cherry Day 13:10
III Одиночество = Solitude 12:52
IV Ветер Осени = Wind Of Autumn 17:36

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Инталия (Intaglio)
depressive funeral doom metal
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Solitude Productions
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SP. 002
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Четыре песни на почти 50 минут живого времени… Что это, как вы думаете? Подсказываю – точно не black metal. Методом исключения приходим к обозначению стиля. Doom metal, я бы даже сказал что очень просящийся назвать его приставкой «funeral». Я как не любитель сего стиля опишу вам просто всё, как слышу и вижу. Кавер арт буклета наталкивает на мысль, что одного из двух участников коллектива (Евгений Семёнов и Максим Мазин) покинула горячо любимая девушка, при чём на поезде. Ибо фотографии рельсов тут доминируют. Ну и тексты про «без тебя», «мне некого ждать»… Любители такого стиля – наслаждайтесь. А я пожалуй второй раз этот компакт- диск даже под угрозой смерти в дисковод не засуну…

Author: Kuka

I'm a big fan of Funeral doom, but I wouldn't really describe it as my favorite style of metal (that award goes jointly to black and death metal). With that said, I don't think I've ever come across a poor funeral doom band. Is there such a thing as poor funeral doom? If there is, I've yet to discover it. Sure, there's plenty of poorly executed Funeral doom out there (or 'Saddam' doom as I now like to call it - geddit? Hohoho); but nothing that I would necessarily call awful. Anyway, I'm digressing before I've even started. Intaglio are a Funeral Doom band from Russia, and this is their self-titled debut album. Apparently when it was released in 2005, they were allegedly the first Russian Funeral doom band to have an official full length album released (according to Solitude Productions' web site that is), and for what it's worth, it's not too bad at all.

The opening track is entirely instrumental, but sets the tone nicely for the album. Coming strictly from the achingly slow and melancholic school of doom (where stars can seemingly form and die in the time between each chord struck), Intaglio have set the basis of their music on thick slab-like chords decorated with clean delay drenched guitars for atmosphere, sparse drums and gurgling low growls. I don't think it'd be a stab in the dark to say Intaglio are primarily influenced by Thergothon, Skepticism and the like, as they feature a fair amount of those originators styles, albeit merged into a bastardized, less unique version. No, Intaglio are not exactly original, but again, they're certainly not poor. The band are simply suffering from the fact that they're playing music which has been done before, and done around 5-10 years ago.

It's not that they've done a bad job of it either, it's just that while the Skepticisms of this world have moved on and further pushed the boundaries of doom, Intaglio, whilst being perfectly competent, are still seemingly on page one. Also, the band suffer slightly on the 'keep your interest' stakes in some of the lengthier songs (apart from the 3 minute opener, the remainder of tracks range between 13-18 minutes in length). If you're going to have tracks that long, you've got to make them capture your imagination for the full duration, which unfortunately they don't quite manage to do throughout the entire album. Overall, I'd say they've certainly got talent (especially on the diverse track 'Solitude'), and they certainly could progress in the quality over quantity stakes bearing in mind this is their debut effort. So, one to look out for in the future? If they can fix the minor irritations, I don't see why not.

Author: Lars Christiansen

This is the self-titled debut album from the Russian funeral doomsters Intaglio. They play a correctly executed funeral doom, with everything you can expect from a band of this genre: long and really slow tempo songs, with an atmosphere of coldness and deep sadness. The album consist of 3 songs, plus an excellent and full of sorrow intro (with a guitar solo from the additional musician Pavel Peristy), with beautiful clean guitar melodies. The album has a very good sound production, and a great design that fits perfectly with the atmosphere of the music, really nice black & white photography. The compositions are at a very good level (all at the same level, I can’t choose a favourite track), good vocals (growls deep enough) good clean guitar parts mixed with the simple heavy riffing, with no keyboards at all, and the “exotic” fact that all the songs are sung in Russian. A very good debut album from this two men band (Evgeny Seamen: music, guitars, bass and programming; Maksim Mazin: texts and vocals), but don’t expect surprises here, just funeral doom in it’s purest form. If you are a funeral doom fan (as myself) you’ll enjoy this album, despite the fact is not something remarkable, but very well done. (A.R.)

It's good to have the luck to do the review of some Funeral Doom bands sometime, especially when it is a good release. But this time, this combo doesn't come from the United Kingdom or Scandinavia but from Russia. Maksim Mazin and Evgeny Semenov two really talented musicians chose to release their first album "Intaglio" this year and believe me that with their four three songs (plus an intro) and a length of 47 minutes, all the ones who want some good Doom will be more than happy.

No need to say something else first, "Intaglio" is cold as ice and really depressive. Actually the album follows the classic road of the Funeral Doom release with a really slow tempo, a really dark ambiance and evidently some really sad but beautiful melodies. There are only three songs (the first without any vocals actually sounds like an intro) on this release but they're evidently long but not boring at all. Evidently it's not easy to listen to this kind of music, especially if you're not a diehard fan of the style but the songs are not boring and not so hard of access at the end. Our guys understood how to do something "catchy" (and you know like me that it's not a really appropriated term for an album of Funeral Doom…).

But let's talk about the music. I actually like the melodies, they're maybe simple but always really touching. Same with the general ambiance, it's maybe not something disturbed and black a la Pantheist but I'm sure that you'll have some weird feelings when you'll listen to it because believe me, it's classy.

For a first album and then a first try, I have to admit that Intaglio knew how to score the goal. The production is really good, the artwork and the layout of the booklet fits perfectly with the spirit of the music of the band. My only regret come from the lyrics that are in Russian. Don't understand that I only want English in Metal, at the opposite, but unfortunately even if it sounds really good, I cannot understand them and you all will agree with me if I say that the lyrics are really important for an album of Funeral Doom. So let's hope that we could find a translation somewhere one day…

Author: Jeff

Funeral doom er noe jeg vanligvis kicker på, men den russiske duoen Intaglio evner her virkelig ikke å overbevise meg i særlig stor grad. De to guttene har kokt i hop et svært saktegående produkt der gitarer, trommer og vokal utgjør hovedingrediensen. Funeral doom av en svært sakte karkater trenger virkelig et sterkt melodisk eller teknisk fundament om et skal fungere med såpass ”lite” ingredienser.
Bandet prøver seg på endel stemningspasasjer, men gitarmelodiene blir veldig medioker og gir rett og slett ingenting til lytteren. Vokalisten bruker en slags puste-hvesende vokalform som verken blir noe growling eller renvokal. Produksjonen er relativt pinglete og ikke tung nok for et verk som dette. Det er med andre ord veldig mye bandet kunne gjort annerledes her. Det som egentlig slår meg er at dette ikke høres ut som funeral doom, det høres mer ut som vanlig doom som tempoet er skrudd veldig ned på. Trommisen har for eksempel ikke forstått at det går an å gjøre interessante ting bak trommesettet selv om man spiller sakte. Det går altså an å gjøre annet enn å gi fra seg ett og ett slag tidvis akkopagnert av et slag på crashen.

Bandet har sopt sammen fire låter, alle hvis høres ut som en lang og kjip intro. Tekstene er på ren russisk, så akkurat den biten skal jeg ikke uttale meg så fryktelig mye om. I promoskrivet sammenligner de seg med Evoken og Mournful Congregation. Det blir vel litt feil. Tilbake til øvingslokalet og kok sammen litt mer definerte låter, gutter. Dette blir alt for kjedelig, selv for en som pleier å kose seg hakk i hjel med blyseig funeral doom.

Ikke ofte man hører fra Russland, spesielt ikke når det kommer til funeral doom, og hvis

Author: Robert
Fobia Zine

Dlouho, dlouho mi trvalo než jsem si odvážil tuto nahrávku znovu pustit. Slyšel jsem jí poprvé zhruba před měsícem a první poslech mě natolik odlákal, že mi trvalo dlouho, než jsem našel cestu do spodu šuplíku kam CD zapadlo a to ještě po několika urgencích šéfredaktora.

Ruská kapela Intaglio je na scéně necelé tři roky a debutní album nahrála už po dvou letech existence. K mém u podivu k tomu našla i vydavatele Solitude prod. Skupina se pokouší hrát dřevní doom metal a jestli má v záměru nás unudit k smrti, tak v tom případě by zasloužila za deset.

Od začátku je tady všechno špatně…
Nic neříkající obal, texty pouze v azbuce. Průměrný zvuk, nulové aranže a stejně tak nulová nápaditost dvojice muzikantů. Na CD najdeme čtyři skladby, které jsou neuvěřitelně roztáhlé do více jak tři čtvrtě hodiny! Navíc první je jakési intro, trvající přes tři minuty. Zbylé trio vypráví nějaký těžký příběh. Tipoval bych to na hustou schízu před sebevraždou. První kdo by si to měl nechat projít hlavou je bubeník, který do toho udeří snad jednou za půl minuty. Kytary jsou taktéž nezáživně táhlé stejně tak jako nudný monotónní chřapák.

Pokud někdo chcete spáchat sebevraždu a nebo se unudit k smrti, tak si pusťte Intaglio. Já už to nikdy neudělám…

Author: IFA
Tartarean Desire

No, no, boys and girls. Ultra doom, funeral doom or whatever the hell it´s called, it´s not an exclusive from Finland. “Uh, oh, ah... hmmm... is it possible? Is there any maniac outside Suomi releasing zuperzlow metal? Is there anybody out there desecrating and defying the (un)holy presence of Skepticism, Unholy and Shape Of Despair?” Yes, sad but true, hahaha. That trinity (among other non-Finnish acts, I was just kidding in those lines...) has spawned many disciples here and there, and “there” is Russia in the case we´re dealing right now. Intaglio are another token of the influence which that despised style, ultra doom metal, emanates. Bands that have come into my mind as I was listening this bunch of songs are Tyranny (“Bleak Vistae”) and My Shameful. However... no comparisons are possible. Yes, it´s funeral music, but thick reverbs, layers of guitars, psychedelic effects and similar things don´t exist here, as simple as I say. Quite dry music, really. So forget about mammoth sounds like Esoteric´s juxtaposing harmonies or Shape Of Despair´s dreamy landscapes: these songs are built off a very limited number of notes and the arrangements are very dry and simple, through icy patterns and portraying a minimalistic instrumentation, based on massive and severe repetitions. Desolation is the main feeling I perceive when “Intaglio” sounds on my stereo, but there are other bands that express that sentiment much better than these guys. Funeral doom is a style where the apparently scarce instrumentation must be combined with witty and creative songwriting and arrangements. Intaglio haven´t grasped that thing, in my opinion, and every now and then manage to play something similar to the concept 99% people consider as funeral doom: loose random guitar chords played at snail pace, conforming songs lasting more than 10 minutes. Let´s see if the next release is more inspired.

Author: Fjordi

Intaglio is the first funeral doom metal band from Russia that released an album. Solitude Productions is the label that gave us the chance to listen to this release and they deserve congratulations for the great work they do and the great bands they sign. Doom (funeral, doom/death or whatever) is an underground style and it is always great when you meet a great new band.

This Russian duet follows the path of Evoken and Mournful Congregation. Funeral doom with aq very good production and some excellent ideas. The tempo is real slow so if you think that bands like My Dying Bride and Saturnus are slow then this is not your stuff. "Intaglio" consists of 4 long-time tracks with some acoustic guitars to fill the songs and some excelent funeral doom riffs like the one in the 6th minute of the second track. The vocals are excellent for the style and they are so brutal that you cannot understand that all lyrics are in Russian

Fans of funeral doom must listen to this album. It's one of the best albums in this style and i think that their label should try to promote them as much as they can in order to get some more recognition. An excellent album for dark souls...

Author: Bleeding
Atlantis Tales

Итак, второй релиз подольского думового лейбла Solitude Prod. Попробуем угадать с одного раза в какой стилистике играет группа. Исходные данные: 1) дуэт (музыкант плюс вокалист); 2) 4 композиции; 3) 47 минут общего звучания. Сомнений нет? Верно, это funeral doom metal от отечественного проекта ИНТАЛИЯ. Воспринимается он, прежде всего, как сайд-проект басиста орловской дум/дэтовой команды S.C.A.L.P. Евгения Семенова. Ведь именно он сочинил и исполнил всю музыку на альбоме. С лирикой (как в плане сочинения, так и в плане исполнения) помог вокалист орловской же группы ЯЩУР Максим Мазин. И на выходе у нас получился дебютный альбом, одноименный с группой - "Инталия". Несмотря на то, что это чуть ли не первый (если не первый) funeral doom metal релиз отечественной группы, изданный не самиздатом, а на профессиональном уровне, выдающимся его назвать сложно. Вокал. Признаться честно, если S.C.A.L.P. для меня команда вполне известная, то команду ЯЩУР я не слышал, поэтому судить о вокале Максима Мызина буду исключительно по данной записи. А это сиплый хриплый полугроул, иногда срывающийся в шепот. Не стану отрицать, решение столь спорное, сколь и интересное, но конечный результат как-то не очень впечатлил. В смысле музыки очень заинтересовало атмосферное интро, исполненное на гитаре Павлом Перистым. Но вслед за ним прозвучали три друг на друга похожих композиции. Казалось, что это одна и та вещь, просто разделенная на три части - 13, 13 и 17,5 минут соответственно. Честно говоря, скучновато, хотя и неплохо - ведь атмосферу депрессии, уныния, увядания жизни и любви, ребятам из ИНТАЛИИ удалось передать в полной мере - получился этакий романтичный похоронный метал. Некоторыми моментами команду вполне можно проассоциировать с культовым американским актом EVOKEN. А запрограммированные барабаны компенсируются хорошо сделанной записью. Но альбом не вызывает ни восторга, ни ощущения чего-либо великого - так, средний альбом. И даже с учетом хорошей записи и качественного издания (8-страничный буклет) альбом уступает своему курганскому собрату - я о демо-записи "Р.И.И." группы КВАЗАР, реализованном самостоятельно за год то этого альбома. Но, в любом случае, старт дан - так что ждем продолжения.

Author: Atlantis
Chaos34 zine

Я считаю, что funeral doom по праву можно считать одним из направлений ритуальной музыки, и дебютная работа дуэта Инталия, яркое тому подтверждение. Музыканты Инталии хорошо известны нам по работе в таких коллективах, как S.C.A.L.P. и Ящур, которые давно стали ветеранами отечественного андеграунда. В четырёх композициях: «Начало», «Темно-вишневый день», «Одиночество», «Ветер Осени» (длящихся без малого 50 минут) растворены все оттенки одиночества и печали, холодной депрессии и обреченности. И даже грязь просёлочной дороги, одиночество и пустота железнодорожной магистрали, изображённой на covere, под прессом безжизненной музыки Инталии, воспринимаются по-другому. «Незачем жить…Нечего ждать…Больше мне…»
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